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    I was surprised to find very few comments about the Arsenal financial results a couple of weeks ago. After all the fear about the club going into debt etc etc I thought people should put up their hands and say sorry to the board after hearing Keith Edelman describe Arsenal as a "cash rich" club. Our board are the best in the business, and they have always, always put the long term health of the club as their number one priority. Yes, we have some debt, but those guys know what they are doing and the club is now set up perfectly for years of growth. And our success isnt even dependent upon Champions League Football.

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    • It is being re-developed, I can see it from my window!

    • Actually I welcome all posters here like most decent arsenal fans, but when they are insulting or have a poor grasp of the facts then I take issue. Lets examine your latest little attempt. Firstly once again it contains poor langauge.. you do realise of course that resorting to this means you have lost.

      Now onto the meat of it... I think in amongst the insults you are saying the gorund is not being re-developed and I am talking rubbish... well my proof is in three parts... firstly in an ealrier post on this thread you yourself say it is being re-developed and claim we will see a £100m profit on it, secondly if you go on the web you can see the development, see the flats and see the prices of the flats, see whats sold and where they are with it. And finally of course you could go to the gorund itself where you will find the ground is indeed being re-developed... now hopefully you won't describe yourself as still waiting for proof. Have you any other questions that need clearing up or is this the moment you apologise for the insults and admit you are wrong. Are you man enough to do that?

    • Well said, but he's not really worth it, just a sad little boy, still single, probably a Traffic Warden or Bus Driver, bitter, jealous, lives for porn but his mummy loves him!!!

    • sporter the proof is already in the thread but you are too thick to notice...

      You clearly have little or no knowlede of finance and when the arguement went beyond your mental capacity you once again resorted to insults.

      Looking forward to your dribble of a reply...

    • Again a further insulting reposte, perhaps its you who ought to re-read the thread, I am right and you know it, its your response which was wrong and full of insulting language. Please do not tell me to get off my own teams board.

      If you want to have an intelligent debate or a bit of jolly banter then crack on but as you clearly can't take criticism nor behave properly it seems unlikely that your "contributions" will be valued as the other responses to your posts illustrate.

    • My post criticises you but it remains civil, yours however is full of swearing and vitriol.

      Equally if you read my post I say that last time around you were denying the old ground was being developed. In your latest post you say that somehow I have my facts wrong because last time around I said they were developing the old ground and you said they were knocking it down.... you then choose to call me a dickhead... wonders never cease... I do so hate it when people like you spout nonsense and then do not have the good grace to admit it when you are wrong and instead resort to the weapon of the caveman ... namely swearing and insults.

    • You just HAVE to resort to foul and abusive language don't you - just when we all thought we were in for an intelligent debate on our board with outsiders. Oh well.....

      So perhaps you should shut up or better still go back to your own clubs boards

    • Very Civil of YOU!

    • What utter rubbish, you are the same guy who originally has been saying Arsenals value is zero or was it less than zero, and saying players contracts do not appear on balance sheets because they are just employees. last time you were posting you were even denying Arsenal were redeveloping the old ground into flats.

      As far as spending money on players and having to borrow money to do it .. thats utter rubbish as well.. did we borrow to buy Walcott.. NO... did we borrow to buy Rosicky.. No... Have we got cash of around £30m in the business YES... did we make a cash profit of £18m last year AFTER debt servicing YES. Arsenal will not borrow to fund player purchases and do not need to... where you come up with this nonsense is beyond me... its like your whole piece about the glazers debt being only "linked" to Manchester United as if it has no impact on them vs being within the balance sheet itself... do you understand anything about finance?

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