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  • Govinda Govinda Oct 3, 2006 22:38 Flag

    Video Replays - False Penalty Claims

    I am a big fan of video replay. I think given the fact that a penalty, given as a result of a player diving, can change the outcome of a game in a very identifiable way
    (which is different then provocing a yellow or red card for
    an oposing player) the player should get an automatic red card if he is found to be diving.

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    • Quite right
      diving to change a game is very bad and should be greeted with a red card
      but players when fouled who wave imaginary cards to the ref should be booked as this is unsportsman like behaviour
      most of the time when they have time between rolls to wave the imaginary card they can't have been that hurt in my veiw
      as far as the use of vidio evidence disrupting the game the rerun of the incedent at white hart lane was up on thier big screen before the pen was taken so the ref could see what a pillock he had been made to look
      Which is why i wonder did he not resined the decision and red card the player( I will admit i dont know all the rules and if he would have been able to take that action)