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  • Dogstar Dogstar Oct 4, 2006 16:05 Flag

    Video Replays - False Penalty Claims

    No, the replay of the penalty incident wasn't up on our screens before the penalty was taken, because THFC are not permitted to replay controversial incidents, in case it incites the fans. If a decision like that went against us and we saw the incident replayed there would be uproar, so Spurs can't show it.

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    • Why is it that football fans are so much more indiscipline compared to a lot of other sports. In rugby, cricket (& tennis to a minor extent), the players and fans can see a decision either as they happen or short after (during a break) but they rarely ever start a riot.

      There are times when it is virtually impossible to determine whether a ball has touch the ground despite replays - in this situations, the referees dont give the try.

      If a referee is not sure whether it is offside of not despite using video replay then the rule of favouring the attacking team should apply.

      Diving is a controversial aspect of football, just like blocking off or goal tending, travelling and so on in basketball. It is up to the referee to make the call with or without video replays, but they could be helped further by an instant review of their intuition b4 a final decision is made.

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      • Personally I think it would be quite possible to introduce a 4th man with a video screen and a mic to the Refs earpiece to advise of any blatant dives, blatant fouls and the like. I don't think this would cause any delays. In the time it take for the ref to get both players beside him the 4th man could've seen the replay from two different angles and give the Ref his quick opinion on if he saw something blatant or not. If the 4th man can't tell then he should tell the Ref so and stay out of it. I don't think it should be carried over to everything I don't think it could be used realistically regarding offsides. Just thought I'd give my tuppence worth.