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  • Thomas Thomas Oct 3, 2006 19:09 Flag

    Rooney- "I'll never dive..."

    Has he already forgotten his 9.5 flop in the box at Old Trafford that brought the end to our run? What a load of crap. Upset no one in the press has picked up on that little fact, typical I suppose, he seems to do no wrong in this country despite numerous incidence of immaturity and petulance. Would love to see someone with some stones put him in his place.

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    • i agree with much of what you say peter but you have not found a way to punish either club
      spurs( oh god i feel sick) have still got the three points won by a cheat
      and portsmouth have lost all three points.
      punishing the player is right and proper but i dont feel the club should get way without some form of loss!
      surely if the club has got points through one of there players blatently cheating they should loose any points gained by that action ie 2 for a win and not the draw the match would have been

    • Perhaps the obstruction rule should be made even clearer or applied more strictly by the ref. But the problem with that is football is a physical game and contact is allowed. If a player stayed on his feet by was obstructed and subsequently lost the ball then the foul should still be awarded just like in Rugby.

      I think a retrospective yellow card should suffice or naming and shaming.

    • Good points. Brings to mind Totti's fall in the World Cup quarter-final versus Australia. The defender was on the ground in front of him, he obviously could have jumped over the prown defender but choose instead to drag his feet and go over like he'd been shot. Fair or cheating?
      As for Eboue, don't get me wrong. Love the kid, he's worked his ass off this year and has put in some amazing displays at both ends of the pitch. But can you honestly look at his fall in the CL final and say he didn't embelish it a little? Plus the foul happened in the 37th minute of the game so the work he did running all over the place for the club in the second half has nothing to do with it. Further, it was not meant as an attack on the player himself, rather to make sure any of the typically negative posters don't respond with details of my bias for Arsenal. Was the comment of my "football playing" really necessary? Let's try and keep things on topic and leave the personal attacks to other recent posters.

    • Name another time he dived...

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      • brown, I am not trying to insult you - I rarely ever have a go at people. I did think about that comment before making it but the point of the remark is empathise with the player. I have played a bit of football and I know that some of the so-called innocuous challenges can be more crippling that the tackle from behind and other more blatant fouls. Sorry if you feel offended.

        I still think very fast players are prone to falling or lsoing their balance over what the ordinary bloke might refer to as an innocent challenge.

        Anyways, why should an attacker start jump over a defender's outstretched leg when the said leeg have been put there to obstruct the path and cynically stop a goalscoring situation.

        The Italian situation is still a penalty even though the rolling around might have been shameful.

        I dont intend to defend Robben or Drogba but it seems that these two players dive sometimes but other times they take evasive action in the most dramatic fashion - rolled off fall is better than a crumple or thud.

      • I can't think of any other times Rooney has dived. I have to say that even though he plays for ManUre he is a brilliant footballer and unstoppable when he's on form. Thank christ he wasn't when we played them a few weeks back!

    • Cosaba.. you raise an interessting point namely that some instances are pretty clear cut... whilst not a critic of Drogba's recent performamnces which have been excellent I remember one particular spectacular swan dive vs barca at chelsea... it was very clear there had been no contact. Other situations as you have ilustrated are not so clear cut.... where there is a clear dive it should be punished hard somehow, where its not entirely clear on the replay it becomes more difficult and lord alone knows what we do in those instances. perhaps the apporach to take is that where the dive is clearcut the punishement will be harsh and leave the others hoping the players will be so put off if they get it wrong that they will only go down if actually challeneged... we are then left with a further deabte which is where there is contact should players have stayed on their feet or not?

    • I thought he'd publicly stated that he dived on this occasion? Memory loss?

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      • Nothing was said of him admitting to his dive today on Sky or in the paper I read the quote in originally. Here is the story from this web-site:

        And from teamtalk.com:

        Rooney claims it is not in his nature to try to con the referee: "I'd never dive. I'd like to think of myself as an honest player.

        "That's the way I play. I don't like diving, football doesn't need it," he told FourFourTwo magazine.

        If after the game two years ago he did admit to diving, perhaps he shouldn't be opening his mouth on the subject today.