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  • Paulg Paulg Oct 6, 2006 01:16 Flag

    Not bad at all Arsene

    I put this out the other day prior to the children playing their silly games and ruining this board.
    Our injured players are now coming back and this squad is looking pretty strong in all areas.
    I'd be interested to read what others think as I can only identify one weak area. I'd like to see a better goalkeeper covering Jens than either Almunia or Poon.
    That is it, we have 4 very good centre backs, 2 excellent right backs and an improving Hoyte. At left back we have Clichy who's almost fit with Gallas or Hoyte as cover and we all know about the other positions. To add to this, our loan players are all shining, especially Bendtner.
    I'm quite optimistic, I don't look at Chelski or Man Utd with envy, so Arsene get us a decent GK in the January window and we'll be fine.

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    • I had a look at the squad the other day and if you look at the real youth players already in the (nominal) first team squad.. Lupoli, benhtner, diaby, Muamba, hoyte, Walcott,denilson,larsson,aliadiere, gilbert you look at the relative youth of those players who have already broken through.. falmini, djorou, fabregas, van persie, adebayor and then you look at some of the names in the youth line up...connolly,stokes,traore etc.... well it just takes the breath away to think we have all these great players coming through and maturing. If we can get through the next couple of years and perhaps get some trophies out of them or at least go pretty far in some of cup comps then we are only going to get stronger and stronger I feel.

      Alos you know all these guys who come on here and say no english players etc , well I did have a look at the international line up (under 21's ) and we have two.. hoyte and walcott and could also claim to have developed Bentley... add to that players like Cole who came through our youth system and it really is crazy to say we are damaging the english game or not developing players or are anti-english. I wonder where we would sit in a league table of clubs providing players at international level over the last ten years (eg wengers reign) don't think it would too bad.

    • Yes we did, now my knowledge on lower league keepers is not great and I was just using the CURRENT Ipswich GK as an example, as he is well thought of, but the point is that there must be a decent GK somewhere that would be a better no 2 than Poon or Almunia.
      We bought Fran Jeffers from Everton, does that mean that we should never buy a forward from then again?.....LOL

    • Traore will be awesome. I'm mostly excited by seeing Merida and Denilson get some first team football in the years ahead. Honestly, I harp on a lot about Merida, but if he keeps up his form for the reserves (5 goals in 6 from a midfielder is class) he could be one of the best players to ever don an arsenal shirt. Let Man Utd have their Rossi, Fran will piss all over the opposition. For anyone that hasn't seen him in action, check out you tube, they have some excellent clips on him.

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      • Some good posts and I'm so optimistic, not just short-term but long-term, things are bright. The whole structure at AFC is just running really well, they all deserve credit, but ultimately it is Wenger that has just created this magnificent infrastructure and people that want to perform for him.
        The GK situation is hard, I agree with all the posts, I'm not sure what the answer is, but I want to know that if Jens gets injured (or sent off, we know what he's like!!!!) then we have someone that is competent to replace in. I just do not have any confidence in Almunia, he may make a great save, but I always feel that an error is imminent!

    • I hear you. Goal keeper is just the one position where you would expect it will be hard to find a top class back-up.

      Essentialy most teams stick with one goaly in the EPL, which for stability sake makes sense. However this means the back-up plays, if lucky, only in a few cap games and most likely not the CL. So not a lot of action for a good goaly.

      I might not make myself popular and I have to admit not having ssen to many games this young season, but I would not mind finding a replacement like buffon for Jens, period.
      Jens is not bad but has strange moments. He is no Seaman.
      And has cost us a few games.

    • Bendtner is the one I'm looking forward to seeing. Maybe he will be that final piece of the jigsaw, a true partner for Henry who can play as a 'traditional' striker.

      Goalkeeper is such a difficult position to evaluate. So much of it is mental. Buffon is the one guy I'd like to see, maybe if Juve don't get promoted he'll leave and I wonder whether he'd go to another Italian side.

      But apart from that, agreed, the squad looks very strong for now and for years to come. And Wenger has loads of cash to play with if he wants the occasional upgrade.

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      • yeah i agree with both of you
        The goalkeeping situation is a consern, i read the other day that jens was talking about a 1 yr extention so perhaps he has decided to finnish at arsenal rather than do what he had said which was to play his final season before retirement back home in germany.
        This has good and bad sides if juve dont get promotion back to seria A, Buffon will leave he was reported to have said he would like to play in the EPL.
        But neither jens nor buffon would play second fiddle so what do we do??
        i think Buffon even though he is a top international goal keeper might take time to settle into the prem/ diffrent way of life in england
        but i doubt he would want to be sitting on the bench match after match. this i feel is the main problem when it comes to having a decent back up goal keeper
        I dont think there is one back-up keeper that is really at the top of the game ok you will mention the chelsea chap
        but even he has lost his edge since the arrival of petea chec, i thought it bad that he got them to the carling cup final then to get pushed out, i think a replace ment for cashly would be good as cover for both gael and william god help us if they were both injured at the same time, yes young hoyte is comming on leaps and bounds but we must remember the boy is a rt back not left