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  • William William Oct 8, 2006 18:33 Flag

    No Arsenal players in England team?

    Since the departure of Sol and Cashley I have various people accusingly pointing out that Arsenal have no players in the England team then I realised why. On current form none of the England players would be good enough to play for Arsenal. I'll stand back now and watch the replies from all the "top" teams like Tottenham with several players in the England "set up".

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    • they are working for Arsenal Football Club not any country. and as u say unfortunaly they wouldnt be able to play the Arsenal way, its not that wenger doesnt look for the british players, but take carrick wenger was interested in him before fergie, but he felt he was all wrong for arsenal hence Fabo came along we got GREAT player instead of a good player.

    • I'd agree with that and also if you look at the number of english squad players who have come through Arsenal I think we'd be in the top four over the last four years. The acedemy system has buckets of english players in it, we even provided 3 (counting bentley) to the english under 21s (more than any other side). One things for sure unless they are cheap and world class (a non-starter in england) wenger will not buy an english player (why should he), but the youth acedemy system still puts a lot of english players through their paces.. some will make it some not, thats life. Arsenal should recruit the best young players form around the world because we cannot compete with Man U, Chelsea, Real when it comes to purchase fees.. but we need to be ruthless and if players are not up to scratch they will not play.. english or not.

    • England may have draw with Macedonia but i still take Stevie G. I think he is good enough to play for Arsenal. In my opinion, Stevie is right up there with Patrick.