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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 9, 2006 19:37 Flag

    Club-Git-mo shuddup already

    Ok you have made your point on how you feel Arsene should pick his side from a fully fit team. One thing that you have to respect is the fact that other people have different opinions to yours (although in this case the entire population of the arsenal forum has a different opinion to yours)

    I dont mind you expressing your views as they are alternative options we can look at but you don not need to make multiple threads all saying the same thing. Its like your a 10 year old who wont accept no as an answer.


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    • Hey guys, maybe clubg is actually fkurent in disguise...he was a pro, remember?


    • my line up


      ..........not for the defense, but the firing squad

    • lol the only thing here thats challenged is you, you are a very special child club. I guess you can't help your ignorance.
      You know nothing! You know nothing! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL!! Sung in a good old fashioned football chant, do you even know what one of those are? By the way lol you don't even know what GIT means in England do you... lol
      Very apt for you though.

      If just one time you could have a sensible debate it would change peoples outlook on you. Most people have put you on ignore here. I think I'll be joining them soon because I don't think you've posted anything worthwhile since you first came on these boards.

    • other folk have opinions!!
      Club if you want a little respect you need to earn it!
      respect is gained it is not a god given right,
      you should not try to force your opinion on others who disagree with your opinion by posting thread after thread on the same theme just a diffrent slant hoping for more agreement
      I dont agree with you about gael nor do i think you have properly looked at the situation regarding hoyte,
      you seem so blinded by your own thoughts that anything a person says that is not the same as yourself is wrong.
      this is patently not so and it would do us all to remember we are fans of the same club not one of us is paid 1 million per yr to mamage the mighty arsenal so whilst we can disagree with wenger and each other from time to time
      best to try to be humble and not spam up our own board with thoughless posts and same old same old.
      you do seem to get very obbsessed with one thing at a time, at this moment it seems eric abidal is your new pet theme but from what i could see you have very little in the way of agreement.
      so i for 1 hope you are not going to go on about this for the next few days.