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  • nicky nicky Oct 10, 2006 14:52 Flag

    Watford - Arsenal - Ribery

    Stevemakie i agree that we will probably beat Watford(not sure what the score will be though).....
    As regards Ribery,i think that he's an ok player,but he plays with his 'head down' a lot so he doesn't spot a pass quickly enough in my opinion.Also i'm not sure where he would play in the team.Denilson is not your 'typical' brazilian player.....he's the type that breaks the play up and gets attacks moving.Similar to gilberto,edu and vieira...which can't be bad!!!

    Whilst it's always good to have a collection of good young players you also need four or five good experienced players as well.

    Good post though.

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    • I agree nicky, ribery has not looked that great when i have seen him,
      he runs around a great deal but as you said with his head down
      Not a great deal of end product the only thing i can think is wenger is going to convert him to another position???
      Cos i cant see where in midfield he would fitt.
      I dont agree that he could replace freddie, crock seems to think that what he would be bought for