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  • DC DC Oct 10, 2006 22:37 Flag

    bung teams

    I think it's going to be mainly transactions which were quite big money, but the players never made the grade. Kinda the John Jensens of their time :D

    I reckon Bolton are going to be up there, along with Portsmouth and perhaps Newcastle, Villa, Spurs. It's half the league, so there are going to be a few surprises in there.

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    • What I still do not get with this whole bung thing is how the clubs can be involved. No club I think is going to spedn £3m plus on a player that doesn't fit just because the agent is offering a couple of hundred grand kickback, indeed even if they did it is likely to be one rep of the club wanting to do this without board knowledge in which case he would be fored by his feelow board memebers. I do also find managers buying dross and taking a bung also slightly bizarre as transfer funds are hard to find and you wouldn't want to waste them. Selling clubs taking bungs is slightly different. I know I am sheltered and naive oon these things but I can't see how it can impact on the clubs. When graham was done for this it had no impact on the club itself (other than losing our manager which then paved the way for Rioch/ wenger).

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      • Hi ab as far as i can tell
        the impact is on the clubs so far as the selling club does not get the say 3 million but the buying club somehow pays 3.5 million for the player
        and the extra money is paid in bungs to the buying clubs manager/scouts ect
        Sorry if iv'e confused you more but thats all i could work out how they exactly work it is a bloody mindfield of figures and counter figures ie one set of bookes for the revenue and another for the mortgage company so to speak