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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 11, 2006 16:18 Flag

    walcott's 13 minuets v germany u21

    If u play for arsenal its because ur a special talent.what a 2nd goal by him it looked like henry !and the blistering pace was incredible.

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    • Henry has obviously been spending time teaching the youngsters because Aliadiere scored a similar goal for the reserves. However, Theo looked several gears faster than Henry as he raced through for his second. If he keeps this up we might end up forcing Henry out of the team...

      As for Hoyte, he is much better at right back than left back. The only problem is that ahead of him are Eboue and Lauren, and probably Gilbert when he returns from loan so his opportunities at RB are limited. He is a bit like Volz was a few years ago. Lots of promiing poterntial, but he is not going to get a long enough run in the team to show himself unless we pick up lots of long term injuries.

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      • Hoyte.
        The lad has had a great deal of stick on the boards of late
        and i feel he has tryed his best in a possition that is not his natural position.
        I think he is much better than volz was at the same time in their careers
        whilst i agree Eboue is ahead of him i am not so sure about Lauren,
        Gilbert seems to be doing well at cardiff, but we must try to be fair to the lad, young Hoyte has come in and played left back ok he has missed a few things and made some mistakes but we should remember he is :- 1) a young lad still learning and 2) playing a role that is not his natural position.
        also i might point out that wenger must be able to see somthing that we fans cant, and wnger is just as interested in the team winning as we are .

      • Theo is actually faster than Thierry.
        I know someone that knows someone at Arsenal. They do sprints - 6 repetitions and Theo slowest is still faster than Thierry's best time.
        Looks like he also has the same touch and finishing as TH14 and he's still only 17.
        Very impressed when listening to Theo talk on TV. He is intelligent and well grounded - way beyond his tender years.