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  • DC DC Oct 12, 2006 03:36 Flag

    walcott's 13 minuets v germany u21

    Looks like the main England side could do with Theo now. Oh, how the press who derided him in the summer must feel stupid now.

    The England side is completely stale, and it will be until someone has a proper shake-up of the side. Fair enough, McClaren made the easy decision of dropping Beckham (who pretty much dropped himself), but why is Lampard playing - he's not had a good game since the middle of last season for club or country. Rooney and Crouch can't play well together. Rooney can't buy a goal at the moment; pair Crouch with someone else. The guy is paid loads of make decisions, now is the time for Theo :)

    And before all the fans of lesser teams give the obvious "He doesn't even get a gamne for Arsenal"....

    Arsenal can win without him at the moment.

    England can't.

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    • thats right damian... wenger is careful with his youngsters, and he wont risk walcott at 17 just to please some fans who want to see the next big thing. its not worth him playing now and picking up an injury that wrecks his career.

      but i dont think arsene would mind him playing for england, cos it gives the lad experience, confidence and ambiion. he should be in the squad cos he can scare any team of any quality with his pace. plus he's also drastically improved technically and theres more end product ie goals.

      England are so bad, and lampard looks so lethargic in the middle of the field, what a Crap game