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  • LEX LEX Oct 11, 2006 20:21 Flag

    England manager ???

    I have been thinking long and hard about posting this on our board.
    But feel there are quite a few folk who's opinion i would like may not go to the international boards.

    I did not agree with the appointment of maclaren as england manager, my reasons are
    1) he was sevens poodle for that reign.
    2) he has not impressed me as a club manager
    3) I couldn't understand the clammor for an "english" manager
    I personnaly wanted Martin O'Neil even though there is an argument that says he did not do much at club level, but i feel the counter argument to that is he never had the money that maclaren had at middlesbough and as a motivator I felt he was second to none.
    which we can now see with Aston Villa the same players that played for O'Leary now doing the business for O'Neil.
    then i wonder is maclaren the manager or just the puppet put at the head cos the FA had not the guts to appoint venables after what happened when they got rid of him before??
    all the same glad they did not try really hard for wenger
    what do you guys think????

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    • Personally Mclarens not the man for me. I would have preferred an Allerdyce or Curbishley if it had to be an Englishman, both are very good motivators and good tacticians ( perhaps bearing in mind the tv reports it was never going to be allerdyce).

      I think though in reallity if we wanted to win things we would have had to go for a Scolari or a Hiddink... sadly Scolari was mismanaged otherwise I think we would have had him and Hiddink is (sensibly) media shy and so would not have taken the job.

      Mclaren may do well but I think its Venables standing behind him who will make the real difference. Having said that they are still playing and Lampard together and its still not working. The perofrmance does not seem to have improved since Eriksson left, but at least Beckhams no longer on the pitch.

    • Difficult question that - unless you bring in a foreign manager you'll be appointing someone who has had no or little experience at managing at international level, so there's always going to be an element of risk in who you appoint.

      Personally I wanted to see Martin O'Neil take on the role, as he seems to have the Midas touch - look what he's doing at Villa already.

      Like you say, McLaren was Sven's second in command for quite a while - I just hope McLaren is his own man. It certainly seems that way, what with his tinkering with the formation and team selection (e.g. no Beckham).

      I suppose in all fairness we've got to give McLaren a fair crack of the whip and see whether he can produce.

      In any event I'll always be a club supporter in front of supporting the national team, although I do have national pride.

    • I thought that Gus Hiddink would have made a great England manager, so much experience at both club and international level. If it had to be an Englishman then I would have picked Alan Curbishley, we're only now beginning to see how good Curbs was, look at Charlton now, really finding it hard. For years Curbs not only kept Charlton up with a tiny budget but had them performing way above their station. He's also very likeable, not controversial and he really wanted the job!