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  • What with the enger not buying English players thread rearing its head again I thought this might interest you:

    Lehmann £1.5m
    Eboue £1.54m
    Cliche £250k
    Gallas £swap
    Toure £undis
    Senderos £2.5m
    Gilberto £4.5m
    Fabregas £2.25m
    Baptista £swap/loan
    Ljungberg £3.0m
    Henry £10.0m
    Van Persie £2.25m

    total price £27.79 million

    In comparison:

    Richard Wright £6.0m to Arsenal
    Rio Ferdinand £29.1m to Man Utd
    Shaun W Phillips £21.om to Chelsea
    Damien Duff £17.0m to Chelsea
    Michael Owen £17m to Newcastle
    Francis Jeffers £8m to Arsenal
    Wayne Rooney £20m to Manu Utd

    Total £118.1 Million!!

    Interesting read!

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    • I will leave that in your hands and have a little think myself! (I kinda think that England would be battling it out with Tottenham near the bottom if I'm Honest!!)

    • on what i saw tonight
      we would win 5-0 at least

    • I think I've said £50m for a total squad price in a previous post, its a guestimate but certainly not far off. I think the unwritten background is even more amazing when you look at the number of mistakes he's made where he has had to trade a player out for less than he bought him vs the succeses where he's had use of a player and then sold for as much as he paid or got much more. The standout is old Super Nik (Anelka) bought for £500,000 and sold less than two seasons later for £22,000,000. That will bring a smile to anyones face (apart from the clubs who sold him to us, or bought him from us)

    • plus not being picky myself but u also only mentioned 7 comparison transfers thts not even a starting 11 team that cost over 100mil.

      I think everyone is in agreement that we would love to see english players don the arsenal colours but when u look at what wenger has done with spending you cant really blame hime for his choices.

      However i do still believe that there are a few england players not currently in the england starting 11 that i would like in arsenal colours.

      - Reo-coker only 22 and would be an awesome replacement for gilberto in a couple of years, never really shines in matches but his work rate is second to none and deals with things quietly.
      - Scott Parker could again be another good gilberto replacement and he is physically strong which would add much needed muscle to the centre of midfield
      - Curtis Davis if his price tag wasnt so high i would love to see him be an arsenal player
      - Woodgate if he could stay injury free he could be one of the best english central defenders
      - Kirkland same deal as woody, injury and he would be a real asset

      There are english talent out there and i'm sure wenger will find some to go with our young talent we already have in our reserves

      Kerrea Gilbert i think next season will be fighting Eboue for the right back position, hoyte is still a good young player no matter what some people say, walcott is progressing with every match as well as other reserves who already seem to be making a name for themselves

    • Interessting about this is how cheaply the team has been put together for.. take senderos out and you are down to an 11 we could play against any side in the prem or in europe and its cost us £25m ... the whole side. I should think the whole first team squad is probably only £50m. It just shows how excellently Wenger has bought and crucialy developed players. If we win the prem or the CL this year it just shows that with a bit of intelligence and good development and scouting systems its possible to compete with the really big spending clubs like chelsea, man u , real , juve and barca. Wenger is a magician.

    • It wasn't actually an article, I am just a saddo! I stand corrected on Duff I do appologise but I suppose we could change him for carrick as you said!! Its amazing really when you think what Wenger has done you know!!

    • It totally justifies Wengers stance when you consider that most of our current first team cost the same as Ferdinand or Rooney.

    • yeah very interesting
      they forgot a couple
      carrick 18million to man u
      and how much did robinson cost spurs??
      + we made 5 million on top gallas 4 cashley
      and should duffers be included since he plays for the republic??
      which paper had the article or was in online ??