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  • It wasn't actually an article, I am just a saddo! I stand corrected on Duff I do appologise but I suppose we could change him for carrick as you said!! Its amazing really when you think what Wenger has done you know!!

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    • you aint no saddo!!
      i do hope you dont think i was being picky,
      just shows how lucky we are as a club to have got such a decent manager.
      cos now there is no doubt we could not have built the stadium with out him it would have bankrupted the club which i will admit was my greatest fear when the new stadium was first proposed

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      • No Not at all I had forgotten Duff was Irish! I must have got carried away with trying to wortk out all The prices!! I must say though and I hope I'm not about to jinx it but the board has been good today and full proper Arsenal topics makes a change as lately it has been doing my head in a bit what with all the people only intent on winding up or causing trouble! very refreshing!!!