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  • plus not being picky myself but u also only mentioned 7 comparison transfers thts not even a starting 11 team that cost over 100mil.

    I think everyone is in agreement that we would love to see english players don the arsenal colours but when u look at what wenger has done with spending you cant really blame hime for his choices.

    However i do still believe that there are a few england players not currently in the england starting 11 that i would like in arsenal colours.

    - Reo-coker only 22 and would be an awesome replacement for gilberto in a couple of years, never really shines in matches but his work rate is second to none and deals with things quietly.
    - Scott Parker could again be another good gilberto replacement and he is physically strong which would add much needed muscle to the centre of midfield
    - Curtis Davis if his price tag wasnt so high i would love to see him be an arsenal player
    - Woodgate if he could stay injury free he could be one of the best english central defenders
    - Kirkland same deal as woody, injury and he would be a real asset

    There are english talent out there and i'm sure wenger will find some to go with our young talent we already have in our reserves

    Kerrea Gilbert i think next season will be fighting Eboue for the right back position, hoyte is still a good young player no matter what some people say, walcott is progressing with every match as well as other reserves who already seem to be making a name for themselves

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    • I wasn't comparing a starting line up, I was comparing some high profile english transfers to what our team cost, if it was a line up i wouldn't have included 12 Arsenal players, It was only mentioned half way through the thread that it we could have a decent starting 11 out of it, please read the threads properly

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      • No i read it properly i was just pointing out that you cant really do a comparison between the two tallys of the totals because they are not equal numbers of players.

        i wasnt judging the thread just expressing that our team costs less than 1/4 of a starting 11 of an english high proifile team. yet i still believe the arsenal team would beat the current english team quite easily.

        dont get me wrong i wasnt being critical just analysing a different way of looking at what you have shown