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    More interesting stuff! (for sillysamosa)

    Here at the request of silly samosa is some more interesting information!! Please Please bare in mind that the below information cannot be 100%accurate but is very close, also all squad players excluded are due to bossman signings or because they have came through the teams youth accademy, the below information is just for current squad players and the prices the team paid for them:

    Lehmann £1.5m
    Eboue £1.54m
    Lauren £7.0
    Cliche £250k
    Gallas £swap
    Toure £undis
    Senderos £2.5m
    Gilberto £4.5m
    Fabregas £2.25m
    Rosicky £6.8m
    Ljungberg £3.0m
    Walcott £5.0
    Henry £10.0m
    Van Persie £2.25m
    Adebayor £7.0

    Total £53.59 million

    Dudek £4.85m
    Reina £6.0m
    Finnan £3.5m
    Riise £3.77m
    Hyypia £3.0m
    Agger £5.8m
    Kewell £5.0m
    Pennant £6.7m
    Alonso £undisc
    Garcia £6.09
    Crouch £7.0m
    Kuyt £10.0
    Bellamy £6.0m
    Cisse £14.0m

    Total £81.7 million

    Man Utd:

    Van der Saar £2.0m
    Evra £5.5m
    Heinze £6.9m
    Ferdinand £29.1m
    Silvestre £4.0m
    Carrick £14.0m
    Ronaldo £12.24m
    Park £4.06m
    Smith £6.0m
    Rooney £20.0m
    Saha £12.82m
    Solskjaer £1.5m

    Total: £118.12 million


    Cech £7.0m
    Ferreira £13.2m
    Bridge £7.0m
    A. Cole £5.0m
    Carvalho £19.85m
    Makelele £16.6m
    Essien £24.43
    Diarra £3.09m
    Lampard £11.0m
    Obi Mikel £16.0m
    Geremi £7.02m
    J.Cole £6.6m
    W.Phillips £21.0m
    Kalou £undisc
    Robben £12.0m
    Drogba £24.0m
    Shevchenko £34.0m

    Total £227.79 Million

    There we go then my eyes hurt now! please remember this is give or take a few quid and current squad players who were purchased. Interesting stuff though considering our stadium cost us £390 million and Chelsea have spent nearly £230 million just on their current squad!!

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    • It makes you feel proud don't it! I just think Wenger has done so much for our club! I just roughly tallied up what our players would probably go for today and I think our squad would probably go for £160 million if (god forbid) They were all sold! Mind you if it was Chelsea doing the buying they would probably bid £300 million!! Ah chelsea the only club htat would give you 50 quid for a tenner!!

    • After Alonso for Liverpool you have undisclosed. I think it was around 14mill for him, because Liverpool bought him just when it looked like Vieira might go to Real, and I remember thinking that Liverpool had got a good deal.

    • True I guess you could add at least another 10 mil onto their transfer for cole then! I am going to keep an eye on their spending over the next season and let you all know when their squad value exceeds our stadium price!! (I don't think it will be long at this rate!!!

    • Dan thats brill!!
      cole 5 million i think you have forgotton to value gallas??

    • Very interresting, I wasn't far off with my guess of £50m. Pound for pound must be the best squad in club football, all thanks to Wengers brilliance. And you have not even added in guys like Behdtner etc who cost nothing and must be worth a few bob... the really interresting stat would be value created ( what they were bought for and what they would be worth to a purchaser now) probably every one of wengers team would be worth more.. not sure you could say that of the others.

      In the end though its all about producing football that the fans enjoy and that wins things. whilst we didn't win anything last year, i'd back us to get something out of the prem or CL this year. We will I hope with a few more wins under the belt become a much more confident team, still a bit leaky at the back and letting too many chances slip past us for my moneybut they are getting better and better and now the international merry go round is over we should have a good five months ahead of us. Looking forward (with a degree of trepidation) to the Watford game. Hope we put them to the sword but would settle for a solid and old fashioned one nil in a hard fought contest.

      My prediction is they'll stick men behind the ball, we'll have over 65% possession and 10 or so shots on goal, I just hope one or two go in and we are not too ellaborate with the final ball.

    • As Requested here is the Tottenham squad with the list of (approximate!!) prices paid for players:

      Paul Robinson £1.5m
      Chimbonda £5.0m
      Dawson £3.3m
      Lee Young Pyo £2.05m
      Callum Davenport £1.1m
      Anthony Gardener £1.0m
      Zokora £8.0m
      Jenas £7.0m
      Danny Murphy £2.0m
      Ghaly £2.0m
      Malbranque £3.0m
      Aaron Lennon £1.0m (bargain!!!)
      Berbatov £10.89m
      Robbie Keane £7.0m
      Jermaine Defoe £6.0m
      Mido £4.0m

      Total: £64.84 million

      Over £10million more than what we've spent! I do think though to contradict myself in a previous thread about no cheap English players Aaron Lennon does show that they are rare but they are there!!

    • Ooh I'll have a look at them in a bit and get back to you!!!

    • Thanks dan, very interesting reading. Just goes to show that money does not buy everything, Spurs must have spent some dosh too!