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  • Dave SE Dave SE Oct 12, 2006 17:22 Flag

    Yet again, the FA have picked a plonker to manage England

    He says the right things, he is a safe pair of hands- whatever that means, he provides continuity (from Sven?), he's English, looks the part in an FA jacket and tie, he is value for money and not just involved in the senior squad - but he did nothing at Boro, and tries to change to an new unfamiliar formation in Englands toughest away game!! England are now going to have to play very well to qualify for 2008. At least Sven (for all his faults) always got us to the quarted finals, this muppet will not get us that far.
    I also believe our own David Dein must share part of the blame, from what I have heard, he led a one man campaign against appointing Martin O Neill for reasons best known to himself.
    SM cannot has only just started and cannot take all the blame.Yes, we had key injuries/ suspensions. That team lack confidence, organisation, creativity, mental strength - Sven has left an indelible mark on certain players. Also, the players might not have known that system but were still for the most part crap - Crouch and Rooney should not play together and Carrick should not play again. Robbo kept us in it, was partly at fault for the first and blameless for the second.
    As I see it, England are at a water shed - the traditional powers in Europe remain strong or get stronger, and now a lot of new powers are emerging that will threaten our existance in even the second / third tier of European football. One thing losing to Croatia away but I think the inept performances against Macadonia say more.
    Too early to talk of sacking SM - he deserves a chance to redeem himself but any more repeats of the last couple of games will threaten our qualification - unthinkable......
    Thankfully, Arsenal are all that England are not. No wonder Wenger steers clear of these players.

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    • who votes or employs the FA board???
      I have been trying to find out not one person could tell me
      do any of you guys know?
      All i Know is barwick was some ITV sports program buyer??
      The guy who rushed Svens New contract after he spoke to chelsea Now runs the post office( no wonder its up the wall)
      But who employs the FA???????

    • Alot of you will say i'm talking shit --- but a friend of mine worked for Deutsche Bank, who were initially dealing with the building of Wembley and told me they paid £8mil for a frickin proto-type model of Wembley!!!!

      It's a case of helping each other and themselves to some huge 'back-handed' bonuses..... they're the ones who should be held responsible for making us a laughing stock in the footballing world!!!

      £800 m for 1 stadium??? Germany built all of theirs for the world cup for that price...

    • Why we needed a national stadium in the first place is a question that should be asked. Italy, Spain, Germany all do quite fine without them. Taking England to club grounds has been a roaring success, and with Old Trafford and Emirates you now have two world-class stadiums to hold the really big games. I'm very glad there were no Arsenal players in the fiasco this week.

    • you're not kidding there.
      i think there should be accountability for this fiasco...even if there are people who have conveniently resigned/retired during this 'project'
      i'm wondering if there were any bungs paid to the f.a when the contract was dished out.

    • Agree, glad you mention the FA the board should be sacked for gross incompetence 3 reasons
      1 failure to build national stadium on buget and on time
      2 failure to build an national accademy
      3 failure to appoint a proper and decent manager for 35 yrs
      any more reasons to get rid welcomed

    • I agree that was a mess! I have to say it was a shame to see Cashley looking so poor. Carrick should not play again for england till he learns to pass the ball...£18m, woops. Even more worrying was lampard saying he thought we did well in the first half... another who should not play for england for a while. G neville is another. If i see 1 more pass to the keeper i'll go mental, how many times did we pass it all the way back!!!! that goal was sure to happen!

      I think crouch and rooney could play together, they jst had 0 support. we played with more men in midfield but couldn't get 1 good pass forwards!

      i think our best midfield was injured-- J Cole, Hargreaves, Gerrard, Lennon.

      unless some of the player's attitude and form changes i would seriously not start with carrick(ever), lampard,A Cole, G Neville... and we have good understudies for all those positions.