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  • Seeing England's fiasco's and looking at the mess that is Wembley I cant help but think back to the days before the Premiership? Can anyone else remember that far back? All of English Football played like England and acted like the FA. It was depressing. Fans had to riot just to have some entertainment. The pitches were brown, the terraces stunk, and people like Peter Storey went around the pitch trying to hack your legs off. Gruesome stuff.

    Now what do we have? Great stadiums, great club teams, great players, great world exposure and prestige. The Premiership, and Sky TV, built this all in fifteen years. Not bad.

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    • yeah i can remember
      praying that wrighty wouldn't score in the first half if we were kicking to the clock-end.
      being derided for being a one man team the only answer i could think of was the amount of money we had to speand to polish the cups we had won seems longer than 15 yrs ago time flies when you are enjoying yourself

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      • Heh heh, I remember (way back!) when I went to see Arsenal play Stoke in the semi final of the F A Cup at Villa Park. The terracing behind the goal where I was standing was packed, and all of a sudden a huge gap appeared - some guy had decided to have a slash! How times have changed (for the better I have to say).