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  • fred j fred j Oct 12, 2006 22:28 Flag

    The problem with England and the English especially the press

    Short memory and Xenophobia. Unrealistic attitude and self hype. Failure to be honest and unbiased in identifying problems. Failure to call a spade a spade. Scape-goatism etc. These are just some of them of the problems

    Sven was a good manager who made the most of the talent available to him. People hammered him because they believed those players were actually better than they really were and should have won the WC. The guy took Walcott because he had players of limited abilities who are predictable in their play. People went on about Defoe as if his inclusion would have guaranteed the WC. What has the guy done since? He is simply average with nothing special, whereas Walcott has that special ingredient

    McLaren. If Sven hadn't employed him as his assistant for years there isno way he would have had the England job. Yet despite this opportunity given to him he did not waste time in stabbing Sven in the back, washing his hands off Walcott and talking about England being 'fluid' in the systems they played. Talk is easy. I am sure he learnt the hard way yesterday. Sven was not rigid. at the WC, he played 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1. Why couldn't people acknowledge this?

    England footballers came from the WC and they were all writing books. Why did they have the confidence to do so after their failures? Because they were only too happy for Sven to carry the can. The press and many English people were lashing out and ridiculing Sven when actually they missed the vital penalties

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    • so after all your talk,it's agreed ENGLAND ARE SHIT

    • No matter what the system is, it comes down to how well the players play against the opposition on the day. The problem still remains the inability of English players to hold the ball and pass and be creative. If Fab Fab can do it, why can't those with bigger names in the England midfield.

      Many chairmen, managers, ex and failed managers, pundits etc would rather use the opportunity to express their xenophibic views rather than aknowledge the real problem.

      Why should Arsenal pay 10m on Davies(the WBA defender) when Toure cost 250K. Warnock should answer that question and I will tell him how good a manager he is. In any business, the manager looks to spend wisely and that often determines the financial faith of the club. Leeds united anyone? Chelsea would be bankrupt if there was no Abramovich

    • The biggest problem with England is that every single time we lose we blame the system (ie 451,442 etc), the manager and bad luck. One day when I'm old and grey I may just finally here the 'experts, the players, the fans and the press saying 'we're just shit.' It will not be until that happens that we finally start to address the issues. For to solve a problem, you must be aware of it in the first place!

    • Sorry mate, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you completely here.

      First of all, xenophobia has nothing to do with anything - EVERY England manager has taken stick for failing to deliver, Sven was criticised by most because he was inept, and by a few idiots because he was Swedish.

      So, secondly, Sven was not a good manager. If he was, he would have been able to pick a team that worked and managed the likes of Gerrard and Lampard to play to their strengths, and not just leave them to sort it out between them. He lacked ideas when we went a goal down and was far too negative.

      Thirdly, he picked Walcott to make a statement himself. That being - "look at me, i'm taking a risk!". Didn;t play him once, though, even when we had Owen injured and Rooney sent off. And Defoe is not average, he is a good player who, thanks to Sven's messing around with him time and time again, lost confidence.

      Fourthly, McLaren - well, I don;t recall many people happy to see him appointed, but willing to give the guy a chance. The FA would have preferred Scolari, the public would have preferred O'Neil.

      The players? Yes many of thm are a bunch of overpaid primadonnas who aren't fit to wear the shirts. But as dismal as the penalties were, you can't say that if only we knew how to score penalties, then we'd be a good team. It should not have to come down to penalties.

      I'll agree there's a problem with the press, but is that different to any other country? When things go wrong, the manager gets blamed, liek in every country. Klinsmann was slated before the WOrld CUp even begun, Lippi and Donadoni and Cesare Malidini in his time all being hounded by the Italian press etc.

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      • Xenophobia is a strong word but there was certainly some of it because he wasn't English. Wright was especially guilty of that

        How did you work out Sven did not manage Lampard and Gerrard and leave them to sort it out between themselves? You are so wrong and this claim has no basis
        Sven tried to use Gerrard as the defensive midfielder but it did not work. The whole country screamed about him being more effective going foward. The guy is experienced and knew what he was doing contrary to your claims. Against the will of the English people/press he brought Hargreaves into that position to release Gerrard and Lampard. Surely that wasn't the action of somebody who did not know what he was doing.
        Against Portugal he played a system that allowed 2 attacking midfielders support the lone striker. The man tasked with running into the box was Lampard. As a result the highest number of chances in the tornament fell to him but he could not score one. He made the system seem like it did not work. The fact that so many chances were created showed Sven did his job. Up to the individal to finish chances
        The guy was keen on Rooney because he knew few English players could play the lone striker role effectively. Rooney did well but it was partly his fault that things went wrong. His temper was well known so don't blame Sven

        He did not pick Walcott to make a statement. That is your thinking. He was impressed by the kid
        Defoe is average and his form isnothing to do with Sven. Did you realise he wasn't playing regularly for spurs before the WC? How many goals did he score last season? You are one of those who would blame Sven for anything

        England played against an opposing eleven. Portugal did not come there to clean the english shoes. they were technically better. So don't beone of those English people who believe we England have a right to beat anyone and they are better than any team. This is far from the case. The players were just not good enough.

        The press is the press. Brainless pundits are even worse

    • you will probably find some supporters of other teams blaming Arsenal and their lack of English players as a reason for England doing so badly.
      The problem with that is it just highlights the fact that when Arsenal players do play for England, they should play, cos England seemed to be a better team when Arsenal players were involved i.e. Adams Seaman era.
      This just shows that if you aren't good enough for Arsenal, then you probably aren't good enough to be playing for England !

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      • That is the problem Wenger have. The skill level is often deficient but most importantly the attitude is often wrong. If you remember Cole's book, he had a problem with the fact that the current Arsenal bunch did not go out with him to get drunk, plastered to be precise. He expects those young kids to be exposed to alchoholism whereas the guys are concentrating on being good professional footballers.
        AW wants English players but theyhave to be good enough and have the right attitude. I want English players at Arsenal and we have Walcott as an example of a player with the right attitude

    • I am not a fan of Beckham but I believe a manager must pick the best players available with the coutry's nationality. Politics should not come into it.

      How can u play wing backs with Neville one of them? Cole is a Born wingback but not neville. It was Darren Anderton and Mcmanamann at euro 96. Why not Beckham if he is available. You have to ask yourself whether he is not better than players available for that position yesterday. Sven played him often because he knew when the chips are down and a goal is needed, a last minute free kick could be converted by David

      You don't drop a national team player just to make a political statement. Good managers don't. If he is the best available at that given time, pick him.

      Rooney and Crouch = shit combination. Walcott would do a better job.

    • Ferdinand wrote about how he isable to come out of defence under McLaren but not under Sven
      Sven obviously was better and more experienced. he knew that many good teams would exploit any space vacated by a roaming defender as we saw with Croatian wingers exploiting the absence of Cole and Neville yesterday. That is why he demended better discipline. Is Ferdinand a manager? What does he real;ly know apart from big pay cheques?

      Articles by former england managers, eng;lish managers in the premiership, former players etc. What did these guys win for Englnad? Nothing! Talk is cheap. Vernables had Euro 96 in his backyard yet he could not win it, yet he is talked of like he is some messiah.