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    I am so hacked off about the manager situation i ecided to look over the last 15 yrs to see who and what nationality the "big 4" have had

    Arsenal:- George Graham Scots Bruce Rioch Scots
    Arsene Wenger French

    Liverpool:- Graeme Souness Scots Roy Evans Welsh?
    Gerad Houllier French Rafael Benitez Spanish

    Chelsea:- Glen Hoddle English Ruud Gullit Dutch
    Gianluca Viali Italian Claudio Ranieri Italian
    Jose Mourinho Portuguese

    so the clubs that win the majority of the silver on offer with the exception of the carling cup
    are not managed by an English born Manager since Chelsea had Hoddle in charge.

    I put the question mark next to Roy Evan's as he is assistant manager to the welsh national team at the moment an am not sure of his nationality

    But i think this list only tells us what we know
    there is a lack of talent not only at the playing level but at managerial level as well.

    I have to say I am really glad that Wenger was not interested in managing England but I would love to know what his team would be cos i couldn't second guess him for the squads that have been picked

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    • Thanks Alex! I think its a really interesting point, I mean we should have some of the best managers in the game, we have, over the years had some great leaders on the pitch but they don't seem to be able to apply that when they take the step up to management level,

      The othe interesting point is that the top managers ie Wenger, Ferguson, Mourinho, Benitez, never played the game at the highest level (some may say that ferguson did, but I am talking world stage) maybe there is an argument that we should be pushing for managers from outside of the game, I mean like they do with referees, this might sound ridiculous but why not, you can take a course in eveything these days surely if people had enough interest in football but never had the ability to play the game we could push these towards management avenues?? I don't know it might be a stupid idea but the current crop of English managers don't appear to be up to it! Also I've mentioned before, a certain Stuart Pearce was being heralded as the future manager of England and was ready to take over from Sven, a few months down the line he's under preasure and the threat of the chop is over him! Fickle old game football!!

    • Says it all really, I think that there are some good English managers, look how Charlton are missing Curbs; but you are right, it's hard to think of a suitably able / qualified Englishman for the job!

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      • unfortunaly most of the english 'would be' managers have already got very very lucritive jobs with sky, bbc, and itv sports. shearer, beadsley, francis wilkins the list goes on and on even hoddle dare i say it. actually looking at the list they have won more medals between them than McClaren could dream of mmmmm.
        john barnes said, at liverpool when daglish called it a day that on the last day of the season the players sat in the dressing room and thought the automatic replacement would be hanson, but it turned out to be souness and liverpool and rest is history!.

      • The problem is to be seen as good potential for england you need to be seen managing a big club and having success in the the prem and in europe, the problem is most of course until one of those clubs chooses an englishman we will not have a contender. Wenger was snatched from the Japanese league to do the task, Benitez was not with a realy top outfit until he came to Liverpool, Fergusson had had a good record but again not for the biggest of clubs... so its all possible... but I somehow doubt it will happen.