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  • Dave SE Dave SE Oct 13, 2006 21:14 Flag

    Why so many injuries these days

    Does anyone have any theories as to why there are so many injuries in football these days?
    Whether it is Arsenal, England or just about anyone else, each match see teams disrupted by a catalogue of injuries in so many cases.
    I have been following football since the 1970S when many players had drinking habits (and worse), had lousy diets, were nowhere as fit as they seem to be now but I do not recall the level of injuries those days. The game was also a lot more dirty then.
    Is it over training? improper training, boots, the speed of the game or too many games or are players now too finely tuned athletes ??
    Maybe I am wrong but the injury situation seems to me to get worse by the year.

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    • Probably 'too finely tuned' Dave. This is now happening in most sports. It was actually being discussed a while back by 'beefy' Botham and David Gower regarding England bowlers and constant injuries. Ian Botham was saying that the mentality is different these days, players used to play through 'niggles' and get on with it. Now, the slightest strain, pull tweak etc and they stop. The so called Sports Injury Doctors bare a great deal of responsibility here, the message is both constant and consistent, 'playing with pain can make the injury worse,' therefore players, athletes etc are encouraged to stop at the first sign of any warning from their body.
      Finally, the football boots are much lighter these days, therefore there is less protection but I think my first answer is applies more.

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      • so what you are saying is they are finely tuned "nancy boys"??
        But Dr's or not there are quite a few of the older players crippled with joint injuries which goes to show that toughing it out is not good for a decent life after Football, poor old Tommy Smith ex-liverpool cant walk without sticks and loads of painkillers and that aint right

        I think that football is faster these days and also feel that a larger squad is needed mostly for the top clubs that also have to play in european comps let alone that most of their players are also internationals at some level or other how much rest did the likes of the French and german internationals get not very much i will bet,
        Once all thoses games are factored in they must play 60 games?? roughly a season is it ant wonder that "big clubs" dont bother with the carling cup and last yr Arsene didn't over bother with the FA cup I was a bit upset at the time but looking back now i can fully see his reasons.
        I just wonder what he will do this year cos a week in greece begining of may would be nice

    • I think certainly the boots issue is one, in other clubs they have very hard training surfaces which can take its toll. The game though is generally played faster these days and there are I think more games. With speed comes a greater toll on the body and perhaps more mistimed challenges. When players bodies are performing at or near their peak then you are bound to end up with more injuries. Some players are also playing into older age than they did which also has an effect on them. Its probably a combination of things of which only three perhaps can be dealt with.. boots, training surfaces and the number of games (bigger squads, less internationals, fewer cup games etc). Last season I think Spurs had a pretty undisrupted season which just to goes to show as they were pretty much concentrating on the league.