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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 14, 2006 16:21 Flag

    please go with aninjured Senderos or clichy over the usage of Hoyte!!!

    I know you do not like Hoyte for some reason... he's not a left back so I hope you are not judging him on those performances. What wenger will go with I think is Hoyte, toure, dhjorou, Gallas.... in my view thats a pretty good back line. Even if Senderos was available he'd play central instead of dhjorou not Hoyte, and if clichy were available I do not think wenger would play both senderos and clichy at the same time on their first game back because of the risks of a reaction. Finally you need to appreciate that even if all our defenders were fit Wenger may well feel that aginst a side with Watfords perhaps limited firepower (no disprespect meant) he could afford to rotate players so a line up of something like Hoyte toure dhlorou and clichy might be what he went with anyway.
    These players will need rotating, Hoyte will be playing quite a bit this season as second choice right back (until Lauren gets fit) so you do need to calm down and get used to it. Hoyte is not a bad player, In fact in position he looked good for england under 21's (did you see the games) he has done a good holding job at left back which is way out of position for him and I think he looks like he could be not only a future permanent fixture for us at right back but also the england right back if he continues to develop.

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