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  • Watching the game today I was struck by just how good Farbregas is becoming. He just had an ordinary game today, by his best standards, and yet even today he stood out as a pure class act. This kid just seems to get better every time I see him.

    Great job by Hoyte at right back today, answering a few critics. I thought Walcott showed enough in his hour to justify all the hype, and isn't Toure just a bloody giant nowadays at the back? Some beautiful play today and things are looking very encouraging for Tuesday the way the team is keeping possesion. If they score first in Russia they win.

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    • I agree with the post......we are starting to come to the boil slowly.What we have to guard against is overconfidence.Also,because we have a fairly young side,we might have some inconsistant performances.I think Cesc is a fantastic player,mature beyond his years.There will come a time this season when he'll need a break(don't forget he's not yet 20)...hopefully by then Diaby will be match fit.

      As for the game in Moscow,we generally have problems in tht part og the world so it'll be interesting to see how we go.I personally would take a draw....

    • 100% gallas
      when they are all fitt i think that the back line will be
      eboue/lauren toure gallas clichy.
      lauren has been out for so long i am wondering if the injury was much worse than has been stated, with this in mind i worry if he can get compleatly back to himself??
      if he does then he will fill the right back place but he had a fight on his hands