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    Djourou is still no Senderos and Hoyte...


    Is no Eboue on right by any means...
    they played well today but it was Watford...
    shaky early on with those two...Justin has limited skills overall- he's third string at best!
    good experience for both hoyte and djourou that is... but... can't wait for our d to be at full strength again!!!

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    • Just what do you see? So you've been watching the training games? How is it Git that most people here see Djourou as having more talent than Senderos and a few see them as equal but you decide that Senderos is better. Explain how you've now become a communist and disagree with democracy?

      Tell me some skills and playing style you've seen in Senderos that you havn't already seen in Djourou?

    • I agree with the rotation Ab, I'm sure there will be some. It's gonna be the only way to keep Gallas, Djourou, and Senderos happy. Do you think Kolo will be rotated though? I imagine Gallas will deputise for the LB spot some games but Clichy seems to own it as he's already touted to be there for the CL game this week.

    • I agree we currently have a great defenses side.

    • arsenal are so class. is there any other team with this much strenght in the defence. Even Chelsea with all their millions only have 3 notable CB's and two of them are average

      Gallas - World Class, Best in Premiership
      Toure - World Class, Future Captain
      Eboue - Brilliant, will be best RB in world in 2 years
      Clichy - Potentially much better than A.Cole, will be world class
      Hoyte - Versatile and Reliable
      Djorou - Potentially World Class
      Senderous - established himself as one of the better CB's in the prem last season
      Lauren - Very good RB, would get into all other premiershp sides. Slightly unlucky though

    • Personally I would say senderos and djorou are both very capable, I'd be happy with either, djorou is a bit younger and has a bit of developing to do so hopefully he will get better and better. Hoyte is going to be a very good footballer and right back, he's committed to the club , plays where he is asked and as a fan you can't ask more than that. I still think there will be a bit of rotation at the back when we are back to a full compliment of defenders. I knwo people say one can't do that because of the consistency needed but I do think it will happen whether driven by injuries or not.

    • clubgitmo76, are you watching the games? If you are, you would realize that Djourou is doing a very good job in center back. The next question is if he is doing well, why replace him.

      There is a old saying why trouble or mess with something that is working or producing for you.

    • Agree thank god another fan thinks he is slow as well i was begining to wonder if it was me

    • I HATE the american slang of D, they're DEFENDERS not D. As for thinking Djourou isn't as good as Senderos we'll see about that when Senderos plays a few games for the Carling Cup run. You do know what the Carling Cup is right? So comparing the two; Senderos and Djourou, one is a bit shakey when it comes to awareness and has no pace the other is pacey and has raw talent that is improving with every game.