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  • Champiodi Pi Champiodi Pi Oct 15, 2006 14:52 Flag

    Goalkeeper protection.

    The amount of time Lehmann has asked for protection an been slagged off by pundits and adverse managers is frankly countless. Lehmann has been demonised and stigmatised for being so irritable between the stick when players encroach him.

    Yesterday Cech and Cudocini both get knocked out, a freak accident, yes, but this has sent some pundits and manager Mourhinio to cry foul all the while being people who have criticised Lehmann for crying foul over the same issue for three years.

    Any thoughts on this little slice of hypocrisy?

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    • he's an idiot but a good shot stopper

    • lets see wat MAGIC will Lehman do 2morow. I know he will scare all these players away. but it would be funny if any thick ass player tries running towards Lehamn. I would deeply feel sorry for his mother & wife/GF. lol.

    • the thing about Jens is that he is unpredictable...u never knw wat player he wants out or who is he goin 2 run to and attack next..i feel deeply sorry 4 his enemies (if he has any)...his style of play is so ruff BUT lively...that Lehman..
      feel sorry 4 chelsea keepers...the injuries did not look easy, it was some serious shit..the more i look at the replay the more it hurts :-(

    • To be fair to jens he has got hid behavior more under control, and he is a good keeper,
      i do feel for the chlsea keeper depressed scull fracture, but the manager has gone right over the top no way did the guy try to hurt the keeper.
      but had to laugh today when i found out the third keepers name is hilario

    • I like Lehman as keeper but no I don't like his attitude. The famous game at White Hart lane a few seasons ago etc. He's been a lucky guy, a very lucky guy, to not be sent off more. I'd be a hypocrite if I said that I like his behaviour. One day, he'll go too far again, get himself sent off and leave us with the average Almunia for a few games and that can't be good. Great keeper though!

    • Lehman is one of those guys who can see an injustice in everything. He probably used to push his mother away from him when he was younger. Gotta love the guy!!!!!!!

    • I often imagine that it will be a sorry day if Lehmann retires without killing a man on the pitch with his bare hands.

    • I think he should keep his stick well hidden when players encroach him. Disgusting!

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      • Mourinho is well over the top, as usual. I think it was a freak accident on Cesc - it is hard to try to deliberately knee a postrate goalkeeper or player, at speed. The only reason why the argument (of delierate attempt) is ever so slighlty credible is because the attacker is short.

        The second accident was more of Cuddicini's fault - a goalkeeper is supposed to knock people out because he should have better vision of what is going on... The 2 players were committed to the cause - perhaps the attacker was somewhat reckless - he could have had his head taken off with a goalkeeper like Lehman or Schmeicel in goal.

        Mourinho just made a big big deal of it and has said some weird stuff about people being killed, then he confused things by saying the manager of Reading is not one to encourage maiming of players. Of course, not!

        Keepers do have good protection - what more do they want? Perhaps attacker backing and jostling with goalkeepers should result in the attacking team automatically losing their fre kick or corner or throw in. But, very often this happens anyway, except for Peter Crouch, maybe.