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  • nicky nicky Oct 20, 2006 22:21 Flag

    Chelsea - Buffon

    Personally i'm not interested in what Chelsea does.I'm more concerned with Arsenal...you can't control what chelsea does so why worry about them.I would get greater pleasure if Arsenal won trophies with the team we now have rather than 'throwing money' at every problem that arises.

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    • I agree, Chelsea are going down a very rocky road...look at there 30million pound player who has scored as many goals as Gary Neville as for England !!! Yeah sure he will knock a few goals in but I am sure that the other strikers sitting on the bench are over the moon that they will not get a chance unless he gets injured. So I sure it would be the same if Buffon does come in. It wouldn't surprise me if they do it to stop Arsenal going for Buffon in the January sales. They done it with Wright-Phillips after all !!!!

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      • From what i can make out from the various tv pages and newspaper reports, it seems doubtful that buffon will leave italy.
        Also some reports are suggesting that poor cech may not recover to play again, I think this is if they cant remove the plate they have put in to help the bone heal.

        But if i were buffon i would not fancy chelsea, for the simple reason if please god cech recovers and can play the fans would have an emotional pull towards cech, whether the chelsea bosses would is another matter.

        The price is high would arsenal pay that sort of money??

        Buffon wants to play in champions cup and can't do so with juve for at least 2 yrs seria b promotion??? then have to come 3rd in seria A??.

        Juve are not getting the revenue they are used to and have offloaded some of their higher wage earners, it is still not yet clear how much more offloading they will need to do.

    • Alright nicky, Thats what I think I'm not worried about Chelsea and I did say I would hate my club to have this sort of money, you reap the reward for things far more when you have worked at something and seen players come from a young age and become greats we are very lucky to have a team and a manager as good as we have!