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    Chelsea - Buffon

    If there's any truth in this story then it will just show what a joke Chelsea have become; of course it could all be supposition but 25 million is the price being quoted. This club is unreal, only their thick-skinned fans (by no means not all of them) fail to see the damage that they are doing to world football by insane fees, limitless funds and a desire for world domination like the old Roman Empire.

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    • Personally i'm not interested in what Chelsea does.I'm more concerned with Arsenal...you can't control what chelsea does so why worry about them.I would get greater pleasure if Arsenal won trophies with the team we now have rather than 'throwing money' at every problem that arises.

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      • I agree, Chelsea are going down a very rocky road...look at there 30million pound player who has scored as many goals as Gary Neville as for England !!! Yeah sure he will knock a few goals in but I am sure that the other strikers sitting on the bench are over the moon that they will not get a chance unless he gets injured. So I sure it would be the same if Buffon does come in. It wouldn't surprise me if they do it to stop Arsenal going for Buffon in the January sales. They done it with Wright-Phillips after all !!!!

      • Alright nicky, Thats what I think I'm not worried about Chelsea and I did say I would hate my club to have this sort of money, you reap the reward for things far more when you have worked at something and seen players come from a young age and become greats we are very lucky to have a team and a manager as good as we have!

    • I know its ridiculous silly, I kinda thought that we might buy him in the summer but I think Chelsea have just priced him out of the market for us (if the story is true) its just so sad I would hate to know that my team is could just buy any player for any price, the true greatness of a manager, and this links onto a previous thread, is spotting and nurturing young talent, I think we are lucky in that department, I think that West Ham are 100 times better at doing this than Chelsea, Rio ferdinand, Frank Lampard, joe Cole, jermain defoe, nigel Reo-coker, michael Carrick all well nurtured talent and easy pickings for a cash rich club like chelsea.

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      • Juventus paid 45 Millions Euros for Buffon when they bought him from Parma. And since then he has gone on to become the best Keeper in the World. If Chelsea do spend 25 Million £ , i will say for the first time they would be paying for a player what he is worth!!

        But sincerely i hope Arsenal can bring him into the team. Imagine Cech, Buffon and Cudicini in one team!! Its already unfair for Cudicini to play as a second goalkeeper. It would be sacrilege if Cech or Buffon were to suffer the same fate! But who knows that might just bring a good goalkeeper for sale in the market!!

      • I have sympathies with the sentiments expressed, but this unfortunately is evolution, as football becomes bigger and bigger its bound to attract some money men. Different teams need to find their own way to compete. We have chosen to use the skills of our manager to spot and develop young talent melded with some older figures to give us a side that post development we would never have been able to afford. ManU have sought to extract maximum returns form their brand, they have enlarged their ground and are trying to meld the odd very big signing with youth development. Bolton do it differently, West Ham have a similar apporach to Arsenals expcept with british youth etc etc. I know its frustrating that every time we seem to be catching up or chelsea stumble they could resort to the cheque book, but its also not easy to meld a team out of big name players so it may yet all unravel at some stage.

        Goalkeepers are a very difficult area, you cannot really bring them in at 19, they have to really be matured I think to play a role at the top level.. to that end they often cost and there is often some competion for the top ones. If chelsea want him and he wants to come then the deal will be done, although who will understudy who when Cech comes back I don't know and that also needs to be added into the equasion.