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  • nicky nicky Oct 23, 2006 02:46 Flag

    Cesc Fabregas - World Class?

    Cesc is a very good player....but not yet world class i would suggest.
    In my opinion there has only probably only been three world class central midfield players in the premiership in the last 10 years or so.They are Vieira,Keane and Gerrard...Cesc can join them if he keeps on improving.He has all the weapons in his armoury to become one of the all time great players.I for one will enjoy watching to see if he makes it.

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    • Surely "World Class" means they excel even on the biggest stages?

      In that case, Fabregas was instrumental in getting Arsenal to the Champions League final. When he played for Spain in the World Cup, he transformed them from being "ordinary" to looking like potential contenders.

      Gerrard, Keane and Vieira have all been at that level for several years, but I think Fabregas now is far better than Gerrard at the same age.

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      • Cesc is unbelievable for 19 years old. He plays with such maturity. My only concern is how many minutes he is playing this season. I cannot wait for Diaby to get fit again.
        Cesc looks comfortable being on the same level as Henry. In my opinion that makes the guy world class.

      • I tend to agree on the whole but i dont think he is quite world class yet.
        I am prepared to give him 2 seasons, more goals is one of the improvements.
        to my mind zidane was a world class midfielder and that is what i feel cesc has to aspire to he must also practice the head but( ahem) i dont think so.
        roy keane hmmm dirty player not sure if he was world class.
        patrick yeah great player but we got to euro final once he was gone, and zindane was the midfield leader for france, and yea i will agree we did miss patrick for the first part of last season, untill he was tackled by pires( robert bless him did not as a norm tackle)