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  • LEX LEX Oct 24, 2006 00:39 Flag

    Cesc Fabregas - World Class?

    I tend to agree on the whole but i dont think he is quite world class yet.
    I am prepared to give him 2 seasons, more goals is one of the improvements.
    to my mind zidane was a world class midfielder and that is what i feel cesc has to aspire to he must also practice the head but( ahem) i dont think so.
    roy keane hmmm dirty player not sure if he was world class.
    patrick yeah great player but we got to euro final once he was gone, and zindane was the midfield leader for france, and yea i will agree we did miss patrick for the first part of last season, untill he was tackled by pires( robert bless him did not as a norm tackle)