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  • nicky nicky Oct 23, 2006 02:47 Flag

    Cesc Fabregas - World Class?

    Cesc is a very good player....but not yet world class i would suggest.
    In my opinion there has only probably only been three world class central midfield players in the premiership in the last 10 years or so.They are Vieira,Keane and Gerrard...Cesc can join them if he keeps on improving.He has all the weapons in his armoury to become one of the all time great players.I for one will enjoy watching to see if he makes it.

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    • In my criteria for assessing attacking central midfielders, Cesc is the best in the premiership and would compete with any in the world. If you take the goals out of gerrard and lampard then they don't even come close in terms of attacking midfied play. If Gerrard is world class then Cesc has to be. Remember he has been best player in junior world tournaments in the last few years with only Messi to compete with him
      Just watch him move and pass and you'd know what I mean