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  • sonromain sonromain Oct 23, 2006 22:41 Flag

    Cesc Fabregas - World Class?

    I have read all the messages on this one and in my opinion Cesq IS world class easily...
    I make my choice based on how a player is performing at the HIGHEST LEVEL which is Internationnal and Champions League.

    From this it's easy to see who is World Class and who is good in one league (in our case the Premiership) ...The results are quite interresting:
    - Gerrard World Class through his perf on C1 level
    - Cesq World Class through the C1 AND the WC
    - Lamps NOT world class...poor performances in WC and average in C1
    - Rooney...Not a goal in the past 2 years in World Football and Champions league ...why is he then considered World Class?

    I should probably start a new thread for this but from my point of view - I can't understand why people thinks Rooney is world Class....he simply is not (YET but he can become). He took the world by surprise at the WC2002 because no one knew him but now that everybody knows his game he simply can not do a thing....

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