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  • kent kent Oct 23, 2006 17:26 Flag

    Toure to replace Gilberto as defensive midfielder!

    I am not saying to do it now. Gilberto has been so crucial to us for the last 2 seasons but he’s close to 30 now (if I am right) and we definitely need someone at this position here 1 day when he got injured/slow or to give him some rest. I would love to see Toure plays this role. Diaby can be very good player for this position but I think he’s still a bit inexperienced. There’s no doubt abt Toure’s defensive ability as well as offensive (he scored some goals when he played as a midfielder for us). He can crack some shot from 20-30 yards! Toure can be the future captain so this position is very ideal for him, As for central defense, Gallas can partner either Djourou/Sanderos n Clichy to play left back n Eboue to play right. With all the defensive qualities we have now, I do not think we need any more defenders for quite some times. What do u guys think?

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    • One of the things that makes Arsene a great coach is that he doesn't complicate things too much.Why disrupt the defence just to try and get Toure in the holding midfielder position.
      He has Diaby,Denilson, and even Flamini to play that position if for any reason Gilberto gets injured or needs a rest.Play players where they are best suited and let them get on with it.Look at how Raphael Benitez changes his team ....and look at their results.

    • Injuries allowing I personally think Toure will stay in defence. From a captians point of view, tony admas did the job brilliantly from there so I do not see this as a problem.

      You raise an issue of what we do without gilberto. Personally I think he looks like he's got plenty left in the tank, Diaby will be his replacement and I think he showed excellent form pre-injury and perhaps after another season will be tip top.

      generally once our injury malaise at the back is finally over you'd be right in saying we have buckets of cover, in fact with the youth coming through I think that'll be true of almost every position on the park, although we do not yet have a genuinely star studded second complete 11 like chelsea do and nor do I think we will ever have as its so difficult to keep them motivated and indeed to carry the wage bill. We'll go for direct cover in key positions and then relay on players who are flexible to cover the rest as we do now.

    • I may be wrong but I think that Toure started his career in midfield; however, whilst I agree that he could play this role and play it well, I think that he is such a giant in defence that it would be unwise to move him.