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  • Third time this season at home we've dominated possesion but havent been able to find our way through a team that's quite prepared to pack nine men behind the ball. You just get the feeling that Chelsea and maybe even Manchester United would have found a way to get those two goals to win the game.

    Somethings still missing. Is it just experience? If so, we;ve all just gotta be patient. I was really hoping for a big win.

    November is traditionally a tough time for Wenger's teams. They always seem to struggle through the month. CSKA, West Ham, Liverpool, Everton (Cup), Newcastle, Hamburg and Bolton coming up. Deep breath everyone.

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    • Even as united fan, I find the football Arsenal play brilliant, but, in situations like the ones today, i do feel it holds you back. Many of your fans have said it before, the team is trying to score the perfect goal, trying to pass the ball into the net.

      The other thing that I notice, if TH has a bad game, you have nobody who is capable of taking the game by the scruff of the neck in these situations.

      I've heard, and read a lot of your fans views on Chelsea's and to an extent, our style of play and how you are so glad you don't play that way. But unfortunately for you, our style of play gets results, and that is what matters in this game.

    • Come on everyone don't let the nay sayers get you all down. Everton defended really well and we were very unlucky. We got caught cold and for that the defenders need a bit of a wake up to make sure they are on the ball from the start. One shot on target all game and they get a draw! Sounds familiar, but we are creating chances. ManU fan, thanks for the feedback but I do think you need to look at your own side before commenting on others. Rooney played well yesterday and that gave you a good result. When he has been out of form you have been lucky to scrape a few good results but certainly have not been dominant. The point being we have still only lost once this season, yes we have picked up a couple of draws in games we may feel we should have won, but that's football. ManU and Chelsea will pick up a few draws before the end of the season and I expect their luck will turn and lose some as well! COME ON THE GUNNERS!!

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      • The result was very frustrating and we hope things will get better. Since teams will now and then nick a goal before we do we need to find a way of countering them if they then go and pack the defences.

        Against battling teams we need to have our powerful men around, how I missed Ade and Baptista. I wish them quick recovery so that they can be drafted in to deal with teams like Bolton and te like in the coming days.

    • As much as these words stick in my gullet I have to say that with all the undoubted talet we have at our disposal we still have not managed to find a way to win!!

      Chelski and Man u would have found a way to win that match yesterday, yet again we couldn't, for all our great eye pleasing football could we win 4-0 at bolton,???

      we need to find a way of breaking teams down when they come with the whole team behind the ball, and the quicker the better, its no use complaining about negative tactics we need to overcome them pronto.

    • Uh, where do you get the impression I might slit my wrists? From saying that the game yesterday was frustrating? From saying the team needed experience? Wow, you must be deep in the bowels of depression yourself if you think those are depressive comments. And why do my comments qualify me for being called MUG?

    • whatever mate, I just think we should agree to disagree. I know what you are saying about you feel we should get maximum points but if you were a realist you would realise that it is not always possible to win a game even if you do dominate. Same thing as happened in the FA cup final against ManU when they were all over us but we still won. I will just come back and remind you all of your comments when are top of the league. Oh and personally I don't give a flying f*ck what you think of my comments. Just because you don't like or agree with them does not make them stupid! Personally I think a lot of what you are saying is utter sh*te but I give you an honest opinion and don't start getting all personal with direct insults! I think you need to grow up a bit mate! or are you over 15 years old?

    • Samosa - I think a nerve has been touched. Oh well.

      I agree with you. If possession was goals then we'd be unbeaten this season. There is so much quality and elegance in everything the team does. It is lovely to watch. The ManU game was easy for us because ManU were always going to attack. I wouldnt be surprised if we beat Chelsea home and away as well. Does that mean I think we'll win the League? Well, my heart says yes but my head definately has doubts. Then again, I thought the same thing in 88-89 when we had a young team that eventually beat Liverpool to the title. Here's hoping the same result.

    • How bizarre, you have the audacity to question 'true fans' and then you mention personal insults. I don't personally insult anyone and I haven't personally insulted you, unless you of course you are the fickle one that doesn't like being disagreed with. Maybe it is you that should grow-up!

    • I agree Paul, we will challenge and this team is only going to get stronger. As long as we stay in touch, then we have a chance; a bit of luck (for a change) on the injury front will help too!

    • It will now be even more interesting to see how the 2nd team get on against Everton in the Cup. If they go to Goodison and get a result then some very, very interesting selection questions might begin to be raised. I'd love to see Denilson and Song pushing Gilberto.

    • Have you slit your wrists yet????Lol
      It will be a good experience for them, different game too, onus is on Everton to attack as their the home team and the pressure too as they 'should' beat our second 11! Think we may do ok!

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