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  • nicky nicky Nov 2, 2006 15:54 Flag

    can we qualify

    Well guys...another night of frustration.I thought we played quite well,with a bit more luck and better finishing we could have ran out worthy winners.
    I thought that most of the players played well,the only player who looked a bit off form was Robin van persie(i think he looks like he's lacking a bit of confidence)....i also thought that towards the end of the game Cesc looked really tired and uncharacteristically gave the ball away more times than he's done all season(i think his missed opportunity bagan to play on his mind a bit as well)....i still think we'll qualify though.Any thoughts guys...

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    • we'd made it difficult for ourselves but we'll qualify no problems. hamburger and porto. i just hope they bring there scoring boots on.

    • We've certainly made it hard on ourself. A big win over Hamburger is essential.

      Although I think the competition in Group G this year is much better than we had last year in Group Play.

      I have faith we'll do it. Although I'd like it to a clear-cut first place finish as to avoid a tough first-round draw in the knockout phase. It's a bit worrying that we've seemingly reverted to our "old Arsenal Champs League" form in the last two games. Superior play, but not able to get the results.

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      • It's going to be very tricky indeed.

        I think we will beat Hamberg by 3 goals, but in my opinion the Porto result could go either way.

        We really should not be going to Porto needing a result, we need to be more professional and kill off teams when we are dominating.

        I was at the game behind the goal in the first half, and still can't workout how the hell we missed those chances, they where actually harder to miss than score.

        I hope we can turn it around, but if we get knocked out we can't blame no one but ourselves. The one good thing is that we play Porto away. The Emirates stadium is actually a disadvantage for us at this stage, we haven't settled and we were out sung by about 3000 CSKA fans!

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    • Yes it was very frustrating as the chances missed were gilt-edged to say the least! I am pretty sure that we will beat Hamburg in the next game though and if we can avoid defeat in Porto then we'll be in the next round. I firmly believe we will too.

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      • It's quite tightly balanced. I am hoping we win against Hamburger by a good few goals, and then we will have the luxury of knowing even if Porto beat CSKA in moscow that a draw at Porto will be enough to see us through on goal diff. Porto are ahead of us in goal difference so beating hamburger by a good margin is essential. Of course if Porto drop points against CSKA then things do become a little easier. I think our football is good enough to go through and go a long way but we do need to nail these results, no use playing fantastic football and not getting the results.If results go our way beat Porto, beat hamburger and Porto beat CSKA then we could I think finish top still, we can do our bit but finishing top is in other teams hands now.

      • I think we will qualify but we are making it closer than we should be.
        Just one of those games - this is becoming more amd more of a familiar response to our total failure to finish off inferior teams. How many times over the last couple of years have we had as much as 24 shots and 60+% possession and not gone away with 3 points?
        Yes we played well, yes we had players missing but I cannot help feeling there is something wrong - especially when we play at the Emirates.
        We have great players of amazing technical ability but in some games, we cannot put the ball in the back of the net, sometimes when it seems almost impossible not to do so.
        We could really do with another Wrighty. RVP when he scores gets goals that are candidates for goal of the season but he cannot score simple tap ins and none of this team can score from corners.
        I do not want to be too critical of a team who plays such beautiful football but we must be the most wasteful team in world football in front of goal. A team like Bolton gets 3 chances - they will usually score 1 or 2 (no, I am not advocating playing like them).
        I do not think I have ever seen a game where so many clear cut chances were missed - is it down to confidence? bad luck? some lack of a certain something between certain players? (Yes, there are extremely serious personality clashes in this team)
        Whatever it is, I hope they sort it quickly - those "just one of those games" situations are becoming far too frequent to be put down to chance or plain bad luck and they are going to cost us dearly if it carries on.
        I still think this team is brilliant, will get better and we will qualify but something needs sorting, fast.