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  • LEX LEX Nov 4, 2006 18:30 Flag

    BAD news for ARSENAL......

    Quite correct Evil
    but you wouldn't expect a green eyed yid to know these things

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    • I dont know where the problem with u all is? is it Arsenal or Arsene Wenger? Do I need to ;ecture you all or what? Arsenal has 5 English players, Chelsea has 7 English players, Blackburn has 7 English players, Liverpool has 7 English player and Bolton has 6 English player. Now can someone tell me if there is much difference between Arsenal and these other teams that I have mentioned.

      You all ignore what you should be talking about. Should Arsenal buy a player over hyped by British press for a price not worth it like Michael Carrick, Rio Fredinand e.t.c Or should Arsenal go all the way and buy a player like Shevchenko who is not up to £20 million pounds, even Michael Ballack. I havent got a beef with chelsea and their spending ways but please lets talk about teams that turned the Premiership to land of millions.

      Arsenal has foreigners who are Young players and grew up from our academy, Arsenal do have English players in there academy as well but before this guys are rip the press kills them. This same press applauded Sven for including Theo for his pace, this same mad press Slapped him for failure in the world cup for including Theo.

      Let them grow well enough to carry the English press pressure.