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  • Dave SE Dave SE Nov 27, 2006 19:10 Flag

    Leadership required

    There has been a lot of valid discussion on our downfalls due to the youth of our team, tactics, bad finishing, bad luck, bad refs, defensive teams etc however I think there is one obvious thing we are missing - a leader in the Tony Adams / Keane / Terry or even Viera mould.
    We need someone to go out and rattle a few cages when things are going on, instead our heads can drop and petulance creeps in, from the manager downwards.
    Sometimes, everything comes together and we win beautifully but too often, we drop points to inferior teams. There is no way Adams would have allowed some of the faults of recent weeks.
    Henry is brilliant at what he does but he is not a born leader, when his head drops, it becomes infectious.He can sulk rather than cajole or inspire. I also fear some of Wengers frustrations are creeping into the team - we have picked up some really stupid bookings lately.
    Not sure what the answer is - Henry cannot be displaced as captain without massive consequences.

    Somebody needs to go in and really sort this out or we will not qualify for the CL next year, a leader has to come forward and inspire the undoubted quality and hunger within this team.

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    • hey pijeon
      you are an english man living in exile therefore the locals there consider you a FOREIGNER
      no wonder everytime i mentioned the word foreigner here in a non favourable way ,blood seems to rush up to your thick skull
      wake up and smell the coffee as your a just an ignorant judgemental intelectual snob
      please do us a favour and remain there for the rest of your life
      finaly go and check your blood pressure after this wed and sat games

    • hey pijeon
      u r back from hybernation
      the fact that kean finished his man utd career by being sacked reflects volumes what nuthead he was.
      he was a big bully not a big leader
      remember CL final man utd-bayern munich?
      he was not even on the bench they didnt need him to inspire them to come back from the dead and win it towards the end
      you picked up the wrong case there altough kean shouldnt be considered as a foreigner in this context as he played most of his career in england so that makes him as a home player
      cor the pijeon is panicking and losing a bit of his grey matter now
      enjoy the dismal season ur fave team is having

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      • Funny that as I'd thought most real Man U fans would have defended Keane, but hey, you know less than Clubgit does so it just goes to show how little you really understand about the game. As for classing him as a home player.. are you really that thick? Keane was Irish end of, and although I didn't like the way he played sometimes, he was one of the best midfielders you ever had. To say he couldn't lead Man U is like saying Viera couldn't lead Arsenal. You can't judge a player on their last year or so in the game. I hate having these conversations because they just show you up for the idiot that you must really be in real life.

        Ps Glad you got a spellchecker finally..or did you just start visiting www.dictionary.com a lot more?

    • I agree that the last thing we want to do is piss off Henry after all he has done and hopefully continue to do for us.
      Maybe increase Toures role without taking the Captaincy away from Henry as part of a grooming process and having him martial things at the back.
      I do repeat though, what ever Henrys many great attributes, when his head drops, it can infect the team. It is at those times that another player must come in and motivate the team , hopefully without being seen as undermining Thierry.
      I also agree that at times we seem to have been very unlucky this season, although certain things have happened too regularly to be down to luck and coincidence. I have recently seen some of the most wasteful finishing I have ever seen.
      I do not want to be over critical of this potentially great team that I have supported since 1972 but my worry is if we continue to follow this sequence, we may have to win the CL to qualify which would be something of a disaster. In addition, we are far from home and dry in the group stage of the CL this year, we seem to need the income this tournament provides as well as the experience it gives youngsters.

    • For me I see no natural leader at Arsenal for now. Gibelto is quiet doesn't argue with players and ref. Lenman is insane. Toure is young and sometimes at a loss. Henry feels so indispensable, and I think Wenger is sometimes afraid of him.

    • When Henry signed his new contract, was part of the deal that he has to be club captain? If so, then perhaps Henry would leave Arsenal as that was one of the things that made him stay.

      So, would Arsenal fans prefer to see a new captain and have Henry leave (worst case scenario, as he might still stay) or keep things the way they are with Henry as captain?

      Personally, I think it would be better for Arsenal not to rock the boat and see what happens over the next couple of months - maybe Henry will begin to manage his new role as captain better, maybe he will decide to give up his role if he feels burdoned by it.

      I also don't think a captain needs to be forceful in order to eb ffective, but can do just a good a job leading by example. I think King's been a great captain for us, as he has a cool head on his shoulders, so that when things go bad, he doesn't let it affect him - so this is reflective throughout the whole team.

    • I'm not sure about Gilberto, sometimes he seems very quiet and not very much of a shouter. Lehmann perhaps shouts and pushes his own players too much, not sure if that'll help them or not. I like Touré and I do thik he'd make a good captain and I do feel it's in his future, I don't think Wenger will give him the armband anytime soon.

      Also taking it away from Henry could cause problems. I can't see Wenger doing it just yet, which is unfortunate.

    • 1) KOLO TOURE
      2) GILBERTO
      3) LEHMAN
      These are the players that I think are born Leaders...
      Henry, good at being a striker but not a Captain...

    • THANK YOU.

    • Each time Arsene Wenger talks about the team character and bla bla bla. But that is not true I have not seen any character from the team including him trying to fight Pardew on the pitch. Henry is not a leader at all. He bluffs, moans complains and too self assured and very complacent bordering on arrogance. He need to fight for his place like all the other players. Bring in someone with similar qualities like Fernado Torres. Each time the team goes a goal down they never seem to come back, settling for a mere draw. God what is happening to arsenal? Someone please explain or maybe Arsene is no more capable and should quit!! I am tired with a string of poor results form high profile team of massive talent like Arsenal.

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      • It amazes me how far we have fallen since going unbeaten. This team lacks character, spine and everything that matters in the modern game. Winning games wins titles; playing sexy footbal does not win anything. I am a huge fan of AW; but it could be that he has taken the team as far as he can. He has his balance wrong: the blend of silk and steel is not right. We have become so predictable that any team can get a result from us now. This is unacceptable. TH should give up being a captain and this should be handed over to someone who can lead a fight back. I am afraid it will eventually boil down to our lack of British grit. If we cannot beat teams like Bolton; Newcastle: Everton etc then clearly we are not championship material. At this point I am starting to wonder whether it was such a good idea not have cashed in on TH and bought two or three experienced players who could have made us better. Sadly we have become a one man team; and when he does not show up then we are crap!

      • Arsene quit? Please,this is just getting laughtable now.GET BEHIND THE BOYS OR GO TO THE BRIDGE.ARSENE KNOWS!

    • I think Kolo should be made captain.It will leave TT to do what he does best,and i think Kolo would be a perfect leader on the pitch.

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