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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Nov 27, 2006 22:02 Flag

    Leadership required

    Being a seasson ticket holder does not mean that you are always right and others are always wrong. When we consistently underperform/lose against crap teams there must be something wrong with the team. And we have become predictable. And this is not good enough. Incidentally I live in the US; but I do get to see the team very often live. THis does not mean that I cannot voice my concern. This is the problem with many Arse fans/ supporters. We get touchy. Would you feel better if I said it is all rosy and that we are going to win the league? FYI I have been an Arse fan since 1973.

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    • You can say what you like.I have not seen us have a bad game this season,and we cant win the prem every year.The team needs us to get behind them when things are not going our way.So,for the boys who are going on saturday,keep the faith and get behind the team.COME ON ARSENAL.

    • How can you comment on the teams perfomance when you hardly see them live? I emigrated to the States but I make sure I see almost all of their games. I missed this weekends (the first Prem game I've missed this season) and from what I can tell from other people who talk sense, it wasn't a very good game on by us. The rest of the season, we've only really played bad during the West Ham game. We've created chance after chance during games where we have gone one down. We're just having a seriously bad run of luck at the moment (count all the shots we've had each game) it's a reversal of fortune since the invincible year. That year we had a lot of luck on our side and managed to scrape up wins when we really shouldn't have. This season we're losing games that we've dominated (how you think dominating teams is playing badly I can't fathom) this to me can only equal bad luck for us.

      Part of me wants us to end up a midlevel team for a season just so we can get rid of a lot of the fairweather fans.

      The last thing I will say is that Arsenal fans are known as complainers, always have been always will be. Don't however EVER presume you know more than Arsene Wenger, this man will see us win another Premiership before he leaves mark my words.