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  • tafadzwa tafadzwa Nov 29, 2006 20:35 Flag

    Sometimes Wenger's Lack of Wisdon puzzles me

    Why Adebayor why , sometimes i question wenger's decisions , baptista on the bench againts the thugs of bolton ? adebayor on the pitch , freddie still commanding a first team place ahead of hleb?Hleb always being subsituted , van persie always being substituted , flamini even being considered for first team , wenger not even thinking of goal scores like antony stokes (on loan) , despite the fact that no one can score goals if henry isn't there , all these , i think wenger needs a bit of help

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    • Guys we need to take a long term view of our season.Granted we are losing a few games at the moment(this is never pleasant)but lets see where we end up in may.

      Unfortunately some of our established players aren't performing up to their usual standard and some of the younger players just haven't realised their potential.

    • It is true that Arsene has taken us to heights unimaginable before he came on board. At the moment he seems to be stuttering and as the coach he has to take the responsibility for this. He is making a few calls that are baffling to understand for a manager as astute as he is. Why is Bendtner thinking about joining the Brums while Aliadiere who has been a failure is still in the squad? Why we cannot score goals despite creating chances by the lorry loads? Why are we underachieving? As far as I am concerned there are only four players who are currently untouchable: TH, KT, WG and CF. Others should not be allowed to become complacent and should be challenged. Things are far from rosy at the Grove and I pray that we turn the tide and become a force once again. But I am afraid the current trend does not augure well for the future. We are fast becoming a spent force. COME ON BOYS, SHOW THAT THERE IS SOME FIGHT LEFT!

    • It is such a lame excuse to say that we are entertaining and getting a result is just a bonus.

      Yes, we cant win all the time and sometimes we might be unlucky but the league never lies especially where the gap is clear.

      1999 ManU treble season and 1989 (Arsenal v Liverpool) are years that things might have gone either way for us but overall the league winner is the best in that league. And that is because they have won more.

      If I want to be entertained in the way that the poster is sayin, I will watch highlights and Eurogoals on Europort. Goals make matches!

    • playing entertaining fotball , is one thing and winning is another , we need both , at the moment wenger is providing just one , its not good enough , lets just not praise and praise even when we can see that we are failing , its not going to help anyone , after all , its our club and if we just praise , and praise , we might praise our team to oblivion . i didnt say wenger is finished of course not , i only said sometimes , infact , these days, more often than not , his selection proces seems a bit puzzling . he has has his good moments , but he needs to revise and move forward like fergie, at the meoment all the teams now know that arsenal will hold the ball for a long time and to no effect so they dont really care how long arsenal has the ball , coz that wont win the match , teams wiil just come and leave arenal with the ball and kill them at the break , its as simple as that . we need more not just entertainment.

    • i agree totally....anyone who thinks arsenal aren't doing good enough ought to try watching a game once in a while instead of just looking at score sheets to see just how good out team is.
      i'd rather watch arsenal lose than go watch a boring chelski match...footballs about entertainment...and if we win then thats a bonus. its like sacking moronio or fergie after losing to middlesboro!!! by the way...how long and how much cash did it take before chelsea won the league???? and don't forget the investments before roman took over!!!!

    • Agree totally. Wenger has been a fantastic manager for Arsenal. Ok, the last two years haven't been brilliant - although reaching Champions League final and winning the FA Cup is not bad! But before that - he has, on a limited budget, managed to compete against two of the financially biggest clubs ever in history of football. And he's done it playing the best football ever seen in England. How many hidden diamonds has he found - Henry, Vieira, Toure, Pires, Ljungberg, Fabregas, Eboue, Anelka, Petit, Overmars, ...
      Look at the current squad, more players (16) in the Worldcup than any other club in the world. Exciting youngsters like Walcott, Bendtner, Lupoli, Vela, Stokes, Traore,Merida.
      Wenger out? You must be joking!

    • DITTO,im off to Fulham tonight,and see you all at our new stunning ground that Arsene helped build.

    • Need a goal scorer badly. Theres no excuse Wenger can come up with that he hasnt already used a hundred times already. I fear he is approaching his sell by date.

    • Yeah wenger has been great in the past but scraping 4th last year, struggling in 6th this year and cant see us winning anything, wheres the progress we keep hearing about? Like henry I think he is losing it. We need to be winning things now not 5 years from now.