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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Nov 30, 2006 04:55 Flag

    Sometimes Wenger's Lack of Wisdon puzzles me

    It is true that Arsene has taken us to heights unimaginable before he came on board. At the moment he seems to be stuttering and as the coach he has to take the responsibility for this. He is making a few calls that are baffling to understand for a manager as astute as he is. Why is Bendtner thinking about joining the Brums while Aliadiere who has been a failure is still in the squad? Why we cannot score goals despite creating chances by the lorry loads? Why are we underachieving? As far as I am concerned there are only four players who are currently untouchable: TH, KT, WG and CF. Others should not be allowed to become complacent and should be challenged. Things are far from rosy at the Grove and I pray that we turn the tide and become a force once again. But I am afraid the current trend does not augure well for the future. We are fast becoming a spent force. COME ON BOYS, SHOW THAT THERE IS SOME FIGHT LEFT!