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  • John-Paul John-Paul Dec 16, 2006 07:04 Flag

    Lupoli: wat do u guys think of the guy an his prospects for the future?

    hey i was jst wonderin how u guys felt bout arturo lupoli watchd a vid of him on youttube an cin some of the games hes played in he looks like a rele gd prospect for the future. Id love to see him given a chance to play i think lupoli an bendtender culd b the solution to arsenals problems they culd be the prolific strike partner to henry arsenal have been looking for. Ive heard many clubs are after signing him permanently i d like to see wenger give him a go nxt yr though how do you guys feel?

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    • He's always come across to me as not having the build to be a successful striker in the Prem. On the other hand Bendtner looks the business - his loan spell runs out in January and I think we should call him back and give him a run out rather than extend his loan spell. If we leave it too long someone else will snap him up.

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      • I agree......Lupoli looks a bit lightweight(but he's only young and as such might 'fill out' a bit)...

        I think that Bendtner will be staying at Birmingham until the end of the season....
        I think it's a good thing that he gets experience of playing week in week out.Personally i feel that he has the potential to play the 'number 10' role.I'm not saying that he's the next Bergkamp or anything,but i think he could play the link role quite well.......we'll see next season no doubt.