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  • Anthony Anthony Dec 18, 2006 08:42 Flag

    Banning of national flags at Emirates

    Anyone know why the club has started banning national flags?


    I wonder which ones were causing the offense.

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    • Naah, wouldn't say that, i looked it up on wikipedia to get it straight!!! I heard about it before but did'nt realise how big a thing it was. Mines a burger after the game to be fair. Up the villaaaa!!

    • Thank you Villa fan, obviously you posh Brummies are better educated than the Gooners down this end of the country.

      Maybe it's an age thing, or a holiday to Cyprus that makes people aware of how much the Turkish invasion and subsequent land grabbing of Cyprus has caused emmense friction between Turkey and Greece - it nearly caused all out war and still affects Turkeys possible entry into the EU.

      Also, probably shows that most Gooners don't have a kebab after the game!

    • The political situation is that turkey invaded cyprus in 1974, to purportedly assist with strife within cyprus created by an earlier coup led by greek elements against the regime at the time. The upshot was that an internationally un-recognised turkish state remains in cyprus, and is yet unresolved. Consequently, there are still issues, and of course people jump on bandwagons. Hope this helps!! Up the villa.

    • If the ban is followed through, can we please remove any reference, flags, billboards etc referring to The Emirates.
      From the best of my knowledge, The Emirates is a group of
      ( foreign ) countries, and do not carry the Arsenal logo anywhere on their flag(s) so in theory they cannot be shown at the stadium.
      Plus of course " Emirates " may upset some supporters who are not of the Arab persuasion.

    • It stupid let the working class fans sing working class anthems I say! Save the bulls**t For the exec boxes!

    • Hahaha!! :D

      Whatever next...

      Remain seated if you're not a tottenham supporter
      Remain seated if you're not a tottenham supporter
      Remain seated if you're not a tottenham supporter

      We aren't tottenham supporters
      We aren't tottenham supporters
      We aren't tottenham supporters
      We aren't tottenham supporters
      We aren't tottenham supporters
      They're just
      Tottenham supporrrrrrters
      Tottenham supporrrrrrters

    • I love Arsenal to bits but this is the most "walking on eggshells", "political corectnes gone mad" pile of rubbish I have ever heard.

      Oh noes, the bit of polyester someone is waving is upsetting me. Maybe they should also ban rival fans from bringing in any flags that don't support Arsenal?!

      So when Inter or PSV come to Emirates their fans cannot bring their national flag? Ridiculous!

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      • Apparently it was the flying of the Northern Turkish flag that upset some sensitive ( I guess Greek Cypriot ) fans.
        I would not be surprised if these guys who complained sat in one of the executive boxes, they seem to be the only people Arsenal listen to regarding issues at the Emirates
        ( they must have choked over their prawn sandwiches! )
        Also ( allegedly ) the old South African flag was also seen
        and this apparently is racist?
        Does that mean that no English/UK flags can be flown, mine has travelled all over Europe with me while I have followed the Arsenal without any problems with stadium officials even in Turkey/Poland/Russia etc.

    • I think the only flags that should be waived are those of England and Britian, other flags have no place in the stadium. Afterall this is an English team playing in England. There is no room for other flags as theyre place cannot be justified being present.

    • Yeah, all a bit bizarre, as long as these national flags are waived with a view to decent support, and they not abusive then I don't see the problem... however we can't have any union jacks flying if walcott or hoyte are not playing otherwise we'd get brought up under misdescriptions act charges..... lol.

      Has anyone also thought the answer might be view obstruction.. they may have had complaints. I doubt theres anything there to with specific national flags as the club ( I hope) wouldn't make the mistake of getting involved with a debate they cannot win... ban the flags on those grounds and free speach comes to mind, ban the flags because of sponsor pressure and censure comes to mind, but just one countries flag because of either a sponsor issue or some other pressure and all kinds of distaseful repurcussions come to mind.... as long as they are not obstructing peoples enjoyment watching the game then I would say waive what you like. I always turn up with my lucky paddington bear and have never had a problem.

    • Actually this morning on Talk Sport they were going on about the North Cypus Turkish flag being the offending flag, although to me it does all seem a bit ridiculous.

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      • Yes it was due to someone in the front row of upper tier showing the Turkish Cypriot flag.
        There is a significant minority of Greek Cypriot supporters and they got 8000 signatures on a petition to stop the guy. Not sure how many of those go to Arsenal.

        The Turkish guy was getting all sorts of threats.
        The flag is legal. Arsenal gave him the choice of carrying on or banning all national flags. The guy chose to ban all flags - it wasn't an Arsenal decision, just one guy.

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