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  • Govinda Govinda Dec 19, 2006 16:20 Flag

    Arsenal has the most punishing schedule!

    Although I agree with the fact we have a hard schedule...

    To me we are being punished for our own mistakes.

    1. Finnishing 4th last year required us to pre-qualify for CL - more games

    2. Last year we relied on Henry up front all the time and could not or did not want to rest him from time to time - hence he is burned out.

    3. We lack depth in the squad and therefor we can not rest players as other clubs would do. Who would we start if Fabregas needs a rest.

    4. Although we got Gallas for Cole, we did not replace Cambell whilst I believe we could have strengthened our defence with some experience.

    I think the schedule is punishing us because we lack depth in many places
    We knew Lauren and Diaby would be long term absentees yet did nothing to fill the gap. Each player in your squad should have an important role (starter or not), if you lose him for half a season and do not replace him you either dont believe they are important (in which case they should not be in your squad to begin with), or you have manged yourself into a position where you are not able to replace him because of financial reason or what ever, still a management error.