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  • TONY DANTE TONY DANTE Jan 7, 2007 08:25 Flag

    who are our untouchables??

    jose morinho at chelsea recentley made comments about some chelsea players being untouchables .

    just though i would ask you guys who you would think are our 5 untouchoubles are.

    my guess would be henry,toure,van persie,gallas and gilberto?

    what do you think guys?

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    • .. Jose talks through his arse, and his notion of'untouchables' is cock-eyed.

      At the beginning of the season our number one 'untouchable' would have been TH 14 - yet we did fine without him for seven matches, plus a couple of other crucial ones earlier in the season.

      I agree that we have come a long way since the first AW double side, when the first XI virtually picked itself.

      To underline my point - it would be difficult to pick the better of the following two sides :

      Eboue Toure Djourou Hoyte
      Rosicky Gilberto Baptista Lundburg
      RVP Adebeyor

      Lauren Senderos Gallas Clichy
      Denilson Flamini Fabregas Hleb
      Henry Walcott

      Subs from : Alliediere, Song, Bendtner, etc, etc....

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      • hi jon quinn

        cesc is a fab player i agree and against charlton watford or fulham he is an untouchable,but against harder opposion like everton or sheff united,he just cant perform well or handle the tackles flyin in.which is why i left him out.it was a close call.

        but for me henry,toure.gallas (when fit) gilberto (finally getttin respect he deserves and vp are the untouchable 5.

        hleb just looks lost sometime and is a predictable player
        seems fragile also.

        rosicky is looking good,but time will tell with hime,could be a future untouchable,still not proven in premier league.

        freddie was an untouchable maybe 3 or 4 years ago.

    • Gallas is a quality player, but we've managed without him so far this season. I'm not sure if we've condeded too many points that Gallas would have saved.

      Fabregas has to be an untouchable. Henry, Gilberto and Toure all pick themselves. Number 5? ARSENE!

    • Good thought but Arsenal are not like there other neigbours we work as a team rotating when we need to, so everyone of the first squard is 'untouchable' to me if you see what i mean. can you see ballack going over to essien after he scores and jiggin around like the King did with ade no! thats the difference between us and all and thats the AW way, Henry has come out and said "maybe it was a good idea for me to rest' accepting the manager was right. thats called a team.

    • Tony

      Untouchables are only so if people give them excessive respect...and they then realise that Arsene was right - they are men at a boys game

      Fan of RVP I definitely am, but I think Cesc scares everyone more from the middle of the parc than Robin does from the right cutting in

      I am old enough to remember the 1-0 to the arsenal days...the first time round

      good football

    • good question.....and reminded me of the days of wenger's first double winning team from which i can still name you the ELEVEN untouchables (well ok, maybe ten, bould vs keown was the only real uncertainty in the first choice starting XI), and if any one of them was out you knew the team would be weakened - how far we (and the game generally) have come! if you're limiting it to five, my only disagreement would be fabregas for van persie. fine form though he has been in of late, i think adebayor has been matching him in recent games when fit. i do think RVP has the potential to go on to become an all time legend if he can maintain what he has been showing this season consistently though. great result tonight, i'm still on cloud nine! new wembley here we come :o)))

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      • very interesting and thought provoking. Of course I'm bias toward the players, but for my money if i was AW I wouldn't consider parting with TH14, Gil, RVP, Cesc, Toure, and I know this my be a huge disbelief for some people, but Hleb as well. I have been a huge fan of this guys dynamics since he came to us, and I think he has yet to really take off, despite providing a great spark/2nd year. I would have said the same thing about Rosicky as well, but after his game today, it would make me look like a band wagon fa. I think the 2 of them when they fully adapt are going to be incredible.

        Best regards.