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  • Buuuulllll! Come on you fibre brains. What made you even dream of any silverware this season? I mean... Be Serious!
    You'll be out of the FA at Reebok, PSV will pulverize your Champions fantasy, and of course you'll not even make 1st 4 this season.
    Please be realistic. WAKE UP!!!

    Oooh! Forgot to remind you of the 3-0 trashing by Chelsea in Cardif!

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    • As a set of predictions this guy must be either deluded or have no idea.. lets look at them

      1/ Bolton will beat us in the FA.. yup of course it could happen but form at the moment is against it.

      2/ PSV to "pulverise" our CL ambitions.. I don't think you'd find a single football expert willing to support you.

      3/ We won't finish in the top four... thats even further from realism than the CL prediction.

      4/ Chelsea to win 3-0. Of course they'll be favourites fielding a team costing over £100m against effectively kids (who cost very little)... having won away at all the games they played until the semi's against first rank opposition I don't think you'll find a single rational football fan who would say as categorically as you have that Arsenal have no chance.

      So I think common sense is against you here, you've exposed yourself as being someone who is clearly deluded, biassed beyond reason and with little or no understanding of the game. Clearly you are anti-arsenal person, lets hope your bitterness does not spill out into the rest of your sad existence. If a genuine football fan can't even be half excited by the talent on show last night then I feel genuinely sorry for them.