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  • fred j fred j Feb 15, 2007 08:25 Flag

    Is Henry now a weak link?

    I was confident we were going to win tonight as soon as I heard Henry and Fabregas were not in the squad
    The Fabregas one is tactical. Bolton concentrated on marking him at the Emirates because they are aware a lot of Arsenal play goes through him. So droping him would have wrong-footed Big stupid Sam and his bullies called players. And it did show

    With respect to Henry, I believe he has still got the magic to win games for the gunners. But I do not think he has the enthusiasm anymore. He is not playing like he did last year when he ran at defenders so much. His attitude is so wrong. If a ball doesn't get to him, he would not work to get it back. Of all the top strikers in the premiership, it appears he works less now. Maybe because his placed is too assured.

    Wenger is a very brave manager and I trust him to sort it. He proved something to him recently be dropping him and we won games. Not many managers in the premiership(except Alex Ferguson) would have been brave enough to drop their 'best player'/captain for such a difficult game against Bolton

    I love Henry but I would not be surprised to see him leave in the summer. But it would hurt me because I believe he is still the best if he applied himself like he used to

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    • Great prediction Fred this was back in March as well!

    • A little bit of sick just came up in my mouth!

    • have you been to ashburton ...read a programe this season...he even saya hes only just getting fitness back.....only just beginging to run at players............

    • maybe henry has become so prolific, that he is the main target that all our midfielders want to pass to? iv seen arsenal play better with and without him... hes only human and remember he really isnt that long back from a sciatic nerve problem. give our man time. hes getting older, an with age hel get slower, but like zidane, hel improve his touch. at least we can be confident without the talisman that is Henry!

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      • I think r876036 hit a nerve there... When he's on the field he draws the attention of every enemy defender. The problem is that our midfield also feels reluctant to pass the ball to Baptista or Adebayor(who would probably score a lot more, because Henry is drawing all the attention)... So we may loose a whole bunch of goals not because of Henry being bad, but because our midfield always targets him, making it easier for the defenders.

        Not that I don't agree with some points here... I don't remember seeing Henry take on two or three defenders by the left flank (like he did every game last year) at all this season. The Liverpool goal can't count that much, Carragher failed miserably there and Dudek wasn't even near match fitness. Of course he ran like hell (the least you can expect from a player), but that was his only good moment in the match...

        I honestly think he's going through a bad phase, and when we need him he'll step up, hopefully on the Champions' League tie against PSV.

    • Yeah, I have to agree on enjoying watching other fans get so pissed off. My two housemates (Chelsea/United - Scum!) constantly moan about his arrogance and it cracks me up. It'll be even better when Henry starts laying on the goals as well as scoring them again.

      It turns out I want it both ways then! I want the arrogance and the premier league title. That I'd settle for! Oh how Chelsea and United love to hate the Arsenal. Long may that continue!

    • Yeah, I have to agree on enjoying watching other fans get so pissed off. My two housemates (Chelsea/United - Scum!) constantly moan about his arrogance and it cracks me up. It'll be even better when Henry starts laying on the goals as well as scoring them again. Oh how Chelsea and United love to hate the Arsenal. Long may that continue!

    • Did somebody say that freddoc should be ashamed of himself for noticing that one of our legendary players can't be arsed any more? And this is slating you're own team? Where the fuck has the culture of not being able to criticise players when they are obviously playing below their station come from? I'm sorry but take a step back, watch the games properly and listen to the guy! We are playing very badly when Henry is in the team and it isn't just a coincidence. It isn't down to bad form, because that would be totally fair enough after what he's done in the past. But players who aren't in form still work as hard as they can, often working too hard.

      Henry doesn't work hard, he moans, he sulks and he slows the game down when the ball is knocked into his feet. When he tries to beat a player, he is so casual about it he gets dispossessed every time! And yet, he shows his undoubted quality in the goals he has scored this season. I never could nor will I ever stand a striker who thinks his job is done because he scored. Defence starts from the front and involves taking the pressure of your defenders by holding the ball up, something he used to do so brilliantly.

      I believe freddoc clearly states his love for Henry and I for one think he has been absolutley magnificent for us over the years. It's been an honour to witness his talent. But, and it's a fucking big but because like someone else said on this message thread, we're paying good money to watch our beloved team and we want to see every player putting in 100% effort and commitment.

      You can't always play well and you can't always win. But there is no excuse for not running yourself into the ground for the sake of the team. I went to the Middlesbrough game and the Wigan game and I don't care what anybody else says, Henry was the reason why we struggled in those games. Yeah he scored against Middlesbrough, but what else did he do? Had we had somebody on there intent on playing for the team, our shaped would have been better and I reckon we would have made a lot more goal scoring opportunities. All he did against Wigan was make a twat of himself and miss two sitters!

      No one is doubting his ability. What is in question is his attitued and how he refuses to accept he isn't playing well. He has an excuse for everything at the moment. Quite honestly I don't think Freddoc is alone in his views. I believe a lot of Arsenal fans are seeing this now. He is an amazing player, but he isn't untouchable. Nobody is! If he can't be arsed then let's say thanks very much for everything, it's been an absolute joy, go and enjoy the final challenge of your career and you'll never be forgotten by the Arsenal fans for the fantastic quality and success you have helped bring to our club.

    • I don't know where you get these ideas about Henry from, but if you look at the yellow card he got against Wigan, you will see that he has the same hunger. Even more he is encouraging younger players to believe in themselves (goal celebrations with Ade and whispering/encouraging Walcott before the Wigan game). Henry is growing in other departments as well. He needs rest as well and will be deadly against tough opponents in the Champions League.

    • I agree and had the same feeling when I saw our line-up
      was also happy to see Diaby back and strong particulalry late in the game although he lacks a bit of sharpness.

      I don't think Henry is our weakest link in terms of skill but when he is on the pitch other players seem more reluctant to run plays that do not involve him making us a bit more predictable. In other words we appear more like a team with many "threats" (if that's what you want to still call it after last nights poor finnishing) rather than mainly one.

      I think we need an other big name player next to Henry who has the selfishness and confidence that comes with big name players (maybe Eto could fit that although I am not a fan).

      Van Persie has a bit of that big name player attitude and selfishness and maybe that explains some of his relative success in scoring this season, he does not seem intimidated by Henry or to put him on a peddestool (? sorry for poor spelling), I think Adebayor would pollish Henry's shoes if asked...

    • wouldnt want him to leave...but...he hasnt been the same player this season and I do wonder about his fitnes because he is often bent over panting afet a few runs,,,he didnt use to do that...and his graet speed dosnt seem to be there either,when he is making runs down the wing,full backs are keeping pace with him...for all that he is still worth his place AT THE EMIRATES

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      • I sensed that too, that Henry might leave for real this summer while we still can get some serious money for him. We have proven we can play without him, sometimes better. Afterall, he is going on to 30 and we know what happens to most of our players after 30. we might do a swap with Eto for real. But knowing wenger, he might not do that.

        For me, Aladiere was outstanding last night. Worked his socks off for the second goal. We were outstanding, outplaying Bolton on their ground, if we were more clinical in front of goal, we would have won it in the first half itself. we are going places with this young team. Denilson was outstanding, and so was Diaby.

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