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  • geoj geoj Feb 22, 2007 03:41 Flag

    What's the Point in Taking Corners ?

    Here's a suggestion which will avoid a whole shed-load of time-wasting in any forthcoming matches :

    Forget about taking corners, and instead just give the ball back to the opposition keeper to allow him to take his goal-kicks instead........

    I reckon such a tactic would give us at least 5 minutes of extra playing time in which to score - after all, there appears to be no chance whatsoever that we might score from said dead ball situations.

    We haven't scored from a corner in the last dozen matches at least - which is ludicrous, given the amount of territorial superiority we usually enjoy, and consequent corners that we 'win'.

    And don't start saying that we're not scòring because Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan and PSV are just fan-fucking-tastic at defending set pieces - they are not, as any number of other sides would tell you.

    I just wish that we might occasionally practice corners, work out tactics, and actually get one of our players on the end of the crosses once in a while............

    Last night was yet another case in point - okay they had a great keeper (whom we should buy to bring to four our Brazilian contingent), but nonetheless, we really should make the occasional corner pay.

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    • This intelligent post probably deserves more replies, no insults, no gloating, just football; what a pleasant change.
      Spot-on re corners, they've been poor for a while now, RVP was taking them until he got injured, maybe that's part of it? Anyway, maybe a few more short corners would be an option, something has to change though.

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      • ....... am entirely with you on the point about RVP - he has a tremendous delivery, whereas Cesc's crosses lack the same accuracy and pace - although he has delivered a few great free kicks in the past while.

        I'd agree that the short corner option might be one to consider - at the moment the only one who seems interested in getting on the end of the ball is Senderos, and he invariably loafs it high and wide. It's not as though we are playing with a bunch of short-arses either - Kolo, Gilberto, Adebeyor, Henry and Senderos are all well over 6ft.

    • I agree, 90% of our corners are terrible at the moment.

    • Couldn't agree with you more wotzfree. Every time we get a corner I say "What's the point?".

      You say we haven't scored from a corner for about a dozen matches. Truth to tell, I can't think of the last time (or indeed a single time) when we did score from a corner.

      The problem is that (Gallas apart possibly), we haven't got someone who can attack the ball from a free kick or corner, like Adams, Campbell, etc were capable of. Toure and Senderos aren't up to it, nor are any of our 'strikers' (I use the term loosely, as I genuinely believe we haven't got any out and out strikers - therein lies the problem).