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  • Govinda Govinda Feb 23, 2007 21:38 Flag

    You've got to admire Arsene's Balls!

    * Had he managed to replace Vierra there would have been no reason to have to built a completly new team.
    * got the team into the CL final for the first time ever??? => Sorry but for me that means Zippo. You win or you don't
    * Won the FA Cup => true - but a club of our status should not be happy with just that.
    * Ensured we didn't finish outside the CL places in our worst league season in a decade. => Give the man a raise for not finnishing 5th??????? Sorry but we should do better.
    * Qualify for the CC final for the first time in his career =>You want to win finals not lose them, making it there means little
    * Be the first team to reach a domestic final with a primarily reserve & youth squad. => Lets hope we are not the first bumb f*cks to lose a final because we fielded a reserve & youth squad.

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