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  • Jolian P Jolian P Feb 23, 2007 19:53 Flag

    You've got to admire Arsene's Balls!

    All football fans must surely praise Arsene for having for having more balls and confidence in his teams ability and his own principles than the "Special???!" One.

    The criticism of all managers fielding weaker teams in the early cup rounds is that they get to the final and then put in first choice players. What guts for Arsene to not do this and hold faith with the players that got through to the final.

    While Jose is flashing the fact that he won the CL as proof he is a good manager, Arsene has players developed through the Arsenal academy to prove what a good manager he is. Jose will leave Chelsea before Roman stops splashing the cash because he knows he cannot create a team, only buy one.

    I hope however that Arsene plays Gallas at centre back instead of Senederos so that he can get the winner. It would be a fitting way to win the final.

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    • I am so tired of the blind admiration for Wenger it makes me sick.

      What has he done in the last three seasons? Zippo

      Arsenal should not be Wengers personal toy and his loyalty should not be to the so called "youngsters" who happen to be better than a lot of our seniors.

      His loyalty should be to the fans. I want some silverware. Not excuses.

      Sorry we did not win anything this year because i promissed my younsters to play against an experienced team who beat them with out too much problems. You (fan) might be dissapointed but I (AW) kept my word. What kind of nonsense is that.

      Try to field the team that has a chance to win something for your fans. If he needs to rest players for the EPL or FA Cup just say so. Admit you do not have the squad to compete. But don't try the rather old card of I keep my word to the younsters. If your word prevents you form fielding a team that can win, dont give it.

      Be loyal to the fans and do everything you can to win the Cup, as little as this cup is it might well be our only chance this year. And winning it beating the two time defending EPL Champions will give it even more shine.

      If we loose I don't want to hear how close our younsters came, I will just conclude that not for the first time in recent history did we not MANAGE to win when it counted.

      Untill then (for me) which ever team playes for us this weekend will be our strongest team which should be cappable of beating Chelsea particularly given their defensive injuries.

    • Or imagine Ashley Cole getting the winner.Jeez that would be great.And as for you jap if you think Mourinho is not a good manager and can only "buy" a team,well, then either you don't know much about football or you have your head up your ass.So which one is it hmmm?

    • Put your fucking handbags away and stop fucking bitching.
      Ladies night is monday.
      What are you drinking ooohh im having a Breazer

    • Just checked.....

      92/93 - 10th
      93/94 - 4th
      94/95 - 12th!! (6 points above relegation!)
      95/96 - 5th

      So before anyone says Wenger is "losing it", in the 4 years before his arrival, our highest finishing position was the same as Wenger's lowest.

    • Yes whilst on that subject Damian, plse stop your Arsenal chants, just join me and quietly wave your scarf, some of us like a bit of peace and quiet at the Emirates, we want our library back....lol

    • Personally, i feel that arsene is right to play the 'kids',although i think he'll mix in some slightly more experience players as well.He's used the carling cup as a test for his less experienced players,just to see if they have what it takes to get to the next level.
      Obviously i'd love us to win the game,but if we show that we can compete with chelsea at this level,then i'd be ok with that.

      Lets be honest,if you look at jose' career at porto(champioships,Uefa cup,champions league)it's actually quite impressive.But since he has left porto,they have STILL won their championship twice(i think),so their fortunes haven't suffered since he's left.

      Arsene and jose have radically different views on how football should be played.
      Jose is all about the result,he's not too bothered by how the result is achieved.In fact i think he's more happy win grinding out a one-nil victory than by winning 3-1.
      Arsene,on the other hand,prefers to play football in a free flowing almost flamboyant way.He likes his players to be interchangeable,pass and move,speed and athleticsm.

      We can only judge Jose after he's spent five or six years in the premiership,built a second championship winning team etc.

      I know people often accuse Arsene of being a 'whinger' and always complaining,but for the last two or three months jose has be complaining every day about 'INJURIES'....this is a man who's club has the deepest pockets in football.
      I've never heard,arsene,alex ferguson,benitez,even glenn roeder complain about their injuries.....that says it all.

    • Glad at least someone is on the same page.

    • Remember we have gone a lot longer than 3 years without winning anything before, and I still supported them.
      Just because we have had a LOT of success in the past ten years, does not it our divine right to have a piece of silverware every year.

    • Please stop waving your scarf mate. Little Timmy got whipped round the face last time, I had to buy him ice-cream to pacify him.
      I paid to see the game, not your scarf ;)

    • sorry, im not that way inclined

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