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  • Roger E Roger E Feb 26, 2007 21:29 Flag

    I've had better days out.....

    Boarded the train at Bristol Temple meads at 12.30 p.m. - train pulls into Cardiff at 3.10 p.m.

    Missed Walcott's goal and arrived just in time to see Drogba's equaliser.

    Seats were in the upper tier at the very back, so watched a game of Subbuteo.

    No alcohol at half time and they had even run out of water and food - what part of catering for 75,000 don't the organisers at the Millenium understand ?!

    More train delays on the way home.

    Oh well, at least I enjoyed the drinking and singing in the Wetherspoons pub after the game:-)

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    • Ridiculous that two London clubs had to go to Cardiff (another country for goodnes sake!!!) to play a Cup Final. Especially when Emirates could have staged the game easily.

    • I heard about the chaos at Cardiff central - at least an hours hold up in the queues?
      But I had the complete opposite of what sounds like a bit of a nightmare journey. The M4 was heavy but always moving on the way down but we drove north of Newport into Wales and got a local line into Cardiff Queens. A couple of gooners on the way in and not packed on the way back to the valleys. After, back onto the Motorway on junction 27 and moving traffic on the way back. Too late for tips though, we'll be back at Wembley soon...hopefully, even as good as cardiff is for atmosphere, which I thought was excellent lower tier behind the goal. Chelsea were comprehensively outsung and have obviously been saturated by glories switching from the Mancs.