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  • Govinda Govinda Feb 27, 2007 18:37 Flag

    Mourinho Quote - Is he wrong? or is this why we are a better club?

    He said: "Arsenal have great boys. But I wouldn't be sad if a club gives me three, four, five years and tells me, 'You don't need to win. You can lose Premiership after Premiership, and you have three, four, five seasons to build'. I wouldn't be sad.

    "Since I arrived at Chelsea, they lost Premierships, they lost the Charity Shield to us, they lost the Carling Cup to us. I don't think they are winning a lot. Absolutely brilliant young boys, manager top, team with a great future. But they didn't win."

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    • 100 per cent agree with cosbaba
      but i just wonder whose fault is it for taking a policy of producing young talent without having a priority of winning any silvewrare?

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      • The Wenger experiment has not worked and I dont think it will ever have worked in the modern PL where results and money is the only thing that matters. Furthermore, I dont think it will ever work foreign players. Although it could work for a cup competitions (CL & CC) because it is not based on stamina over a whole season. Wenger should still have taken the Carling Cup more seriously - we dont like losing to Chelsea - period.

        ManU managed to do it because they had a good solid base of British-based experienced players, foreign players they had were already world class; even if you count Giggs & Keane as foreign, and all the young ones were from the same academy. They were all bonded and schoolled on the Fergie way of never-say-die. Also the experienced player will never allow them to slack off.

        The foreign players comment comes in because as soon as a good young foreign players starts to play for the top 4 PL teams, they start to get offers everywhere usually overseas. A British-based player who gets to play regularly for a top 4 team will rarely ever consider moving anywhere else.

        What will be the point of going abroad when the big money and fame is already in this country? A foreign kid that has already moved will find it easier to move again - they are usually good with languages and most can adapt easily.

        Wenger has now totaally confused himself about his first-team. The first team is now not as sharp because they are not playing often (most were not in form anyway).

        I dont think the defence and main-striking force is a place where a manager can rely on young players - confidence is a major factor in these areas.

        The kids are fantastic but they lack stamina and the experience of having done it before is always a good thing to rely on when things are not going so well.

        Chelsea, Liverpool & ManU will continue to buy experienced players but bring on 2 or so young players a year. And that is the winning formula. The more you win, the richer you are and the more encoragement it is for the players and fans. A win is win and a trophy is a trophy - simple!

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      You either need to

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    • Maybe you have not read it enough, or you really don't understand. If you have followed me from the beginning, you might have an idea what it is all about.

    • Just read through this thread. Forever, you really struggle to string more than 2 words together that make much sense, have no understanding of punctuation and are unable to construct a proper argument so resort to rudeness. I advise you to avoid confrontation, you are simply not equipped to cope with it.

    • Big for someone who doesn't understand simple english right ROO? I do, and it is not big for me. Anyway I am a real person......can't say about you...

    • There is truth in what he says, maybe we take it as a wind up but truth is that even now that we are not even close to winning the EPL for a third year in a row and even if we get nocked out of the FA Cup and the CL there are not too many serious Arsenal fans who will ask for the head of AW.

      At the same time if, even after winning two EPL's in a row, this season Mourinho does not win the CL and does not win the EPL there will be and in fact has been specultation about his position because the assumption is that he has to deliver.

      I think the fact that AW does not have that presure is an attestation to the quality of our club and the inherent understanding of big clubs that success is build over contiunues and longer cycles.

      Sir AF has not delivered a CL or EPL title in three years + a longer time of no serious success than AW yet his position even if he will fail again this year is still unlikely to be under threat.

      To me that just makes Chelsea a small minded club.

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      • If you measure and judge everything from results then Mourinho is correct - Chelsea have been winning trophies since he arrived in England (and were on the cusp of doing so when he supplanted Ranieri); while Arsenal haven't been.

        However - in the past three years - when Jose was spending upwards of £200 millions assembling his winning X1, Arsenal were building for their future - investing in youth, while the club were engaged in the massively costly development of Ashburton Grove.

        The club may have had to relinquish the title they won in such historic unbeaten fashion in 2004, but they are now in a position where they can challenge again.

        By having the largest club ground in the capital (and by some distance), Arsenal are finally in a position to be able to compete with Manchester United (the real market leaders) for the first time ever..... (and attract the world's best players to the club.

        Are in a position where they can field a team with an average age of just 20 which is capable of not just giving the league champions a run for their money in a cup final, but also saw off Everton, Liverpool and Spuds along the way.

        And despite the turbulence and upheaval of recent years have been playing the most attacking and entertaining football in the premier league for some years....... although they are having to do so without three of their finest attacking players of recent years - Pires, Bergkamp and Reyes.

    • I can't believe amongst all that nonsensical blabbering you managed to use the word 'thus'!

      Bit of a big word for you isn't it?!

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